The UNC Policy Manual


  • 400.1
    Policy on Academic Program Planning
  • 400.1.1[R]
    Regulations for Academic Program Planning and Evaluation
  • 400.1.2
    Termination of Programs
  • 400.1.2[R]
    Regulations for New Campuses, Branch Campuses and Other Off-site Educational Use of Facilities
  • 400.1.2.1[R]
    Regulations on Terminating Programs
  • 400.1.3.1[R]
    Regulations for the Second Academic Concentration Requirement for Teacher Education Programs
  • 400.1.5
    Fostering Undergraduate Student Success
  • 400.1.5[G]
    Guidelines Related to Fostering Undergraduate Student Success
  • 400.1.5[R]
    Regulations Related to Fostering Undergraduate Student Success
  • 400.1.5.2[R]
    Regulations for Implementing Fifteen-Hour Average Courseload Requirement for Full-Time Undergraduates
  • 400.1.6
    Academic Calendars
  • 400.1.7
    Nursing Education
  • 400.1.8[R]
    Regulations on Use of Common Census Date for Reporting Purposes
  • 400.1.12
    Awarding of Joint Degrees in The University of North Carolina
  • 400.1.9[G]
    Guidelines for the Use of the Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
  • 400.1.11[G]
    Guidelines on Contracting with Community Colleges to Offer Remedial Instruction