The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 10/12/01


Guidelines for Refunds of Tuition and Fees for Students Serving in the Military or in

Case of National Emergency


                These Guidelines are intended to assist the UNC constituent institutions in situations in which students request refunds of tuition or fees because of involuntary or voluntary service in the military or because of circumstances related to national emergencies.


1.            All constituent institutions are authorized to issue a full refund of tuition and required fees to students who are involuntarily called to active duty in the military after a semester or term begins.


2.            It is recommended that all constituent institutions have a process for determining on a case by case basis whether to grant a full refund of tuition and required fees to students who volunteer for military service or who request to withdraw because of circumstances related to a national emergency.


3.            Constituent institutions should determine under what circumstances students who withdraw because of military service or circumstances related to national emergencies should be given the option of receiving incompletes in their courses instead of receiving tuition and fee refunds.


4.            Constituent institutions should determine whether or not to give full or pro rata refunds of housing, parking and other optional fees to students to whom they give tuition and required fee refunds.


5.            Constituent institutions that offer courses on military bases should defer to their contracts with the military in making determinations concerning withdrawal from courses due to changes in assignments of military personnel.


                It is recommended that every campus review its policy on tuition refunds and make modifications necessary to cover the circumstances described in these guidelines.


                The United States Department of Education has issued guidance with regard to federal student loans that institutions should be alert to when dealing with students withdrawing because of military service.