The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 05/06/09

Repealed 06/14/21


Regulation for the Second Academic Concentration Requirement for

Teacher Education Programs


The following regulation is issued by the president to govern teacher education programs offered by the constituent universities.

1.            Students enrolled in undergraduate teacher education programs must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in a second academic concentration.  This minimum requirement reflects a change from the previous requirement of 24 credit hours.

2.            Individual campuses may establish interdisciplinary second academic concentrations to allow for greater understanding in more than one related content area. Examples of interdisciplinary concentrations include but are not limited to: Global Studies; Science, Mathematics, and Technology; Diversity/Multicultural Studies; and Linguistics/Second Language Learning.

3.            Special education programs are exempt from the second academic concentration requirement.

4.            The design and modification of the second academic concentrations shall reside with the constituent campus.  Each campus will be responsible for certifying that the second academic concentrations established for their teacher education programs align with the regulations listed herein.

5.            The above regulation is effective as of the 2004 fall semester for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and any students entering teacher education programs.