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In accordance with General Statute GS 133-3, Specifications may list one or more preferred brands as an alternate to the base bid in limited circumstances. Specifications containing a preferred brand alternate under this section must identify the performance standards that support the preference. Performance standards for the preference must be approved in advance by the owner in an open meeting. Any alternate approved by the owner shall be approved only where (i) the preferred alternate will provide cost savings, maintain or improve the functioning of any process or system affected by the preferred item or items, or both, and (ii) a justification identifying these criteria is made available in writing to the public.

 Institution Winston-Salem State University 
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 Project Name Sciences Building 
 Public Meeting for 
Rodgers Davis will hold an Owner Preferred Alternates Meeting to discuss the owner preferred alternates associated with the construction of the Winston-Salem State University Science Building project on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 3:00 PM, at the WSSU Anderson Conference Center - Main Dining Room at 601 S Martin Luther King Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Owner Preferred Brand Alternates: -Preferred Alternate No. 1: Provide and install door hardware; locksets, latchset, and six (6) pin lock cylinder and keys by Sargent Signature Series. - Preferred Alternate No. 3: Provide HVAC Controls with Tridium - Preferred Alternate No. 4: Provide Alarm System by Edwards: - Preferred Alternate No. 11: Provide card readers by CBORD System Contact Robert Marshall or Anthony Siano at 919.784.0566 or email at for further information.
 Name of Design Firm Design Collective 
 Design Firm Contact Name Marvin Kemp 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (410) 685-6655 
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 Public Meeting Date 01/04/2018 
 Public Meeting Time 3:00 pm 
 Public Meeting Location 
WSSU Anderson Conference Center Main Dining Room - Ground Floor 601 S Martin Luther King Blvd Winston-Salem, NC 27101