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 Institution UNC School of the Arts 
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 Project Name Open Ended Design Services - Multiple Disciplines 
 Type of Services Architectural/Engineering 
 Project Manager Christopher Placco, AIA 
 Phone Number (336) 631-1236 
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 Closing Date 03/29/2018 
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 Project Description One-Two Sentences
UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, NC is seeking firms to provide Professional Design Services for renovation and construction projects under $500,000 for the following disciplines (number of firms to be selected is shown in parentheses): Abatement Design (1) Arc Flash Analysis (1) Architecture (3) Civil Engineering (2) Commissioning Services (1) Electrical Engineering (1) Interior Design (2) Land Surveying (1) Landscape Architecture (2) Mechanical Engineering (2) Space Planning (2) Structural Engineering (1) Please submit two hard copies and one digital copy (USB or CD-R) copy of your submittal.
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UNC School of the Arts Christopher Placco, AIA 1533 South Main Street Winston-Salem, NC 27127

In order to offer architectural or engineering services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.