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 Institution UNC Asheville 
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 Project Name Reed Plaza Renovation 
 Type of Services Architectural/Engineering 
 Project Manager Peter Nielsen 
 Phone Number (828) 255-7223 
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 Closing Date 01/12/2018 
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Concrete sidewalks are in poor condition and pose tripping hazards and accessibility issues. In addition, the differential settlement creates drainage and ponding problems. There are safety concerns for pedestrian and vehicle interface as no means of separation is available. Repairs and renovations are required to meet federal and State codes, ADA requirements, and to provide pedestrian safety. UNCA has completed the predesign. Work will include abbreviated SD and DD phases with focus on the rapid completion of the CDs. Milestones include- Design Complete with all approvals for setting bid date: April 16, 2018 Construction Complete: August 1, 2018 Submissions should be 30 pages maximum (15 sheets) with 3 paper copies and 1 copy on flash drive
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UNC Asheville Mary Pohl Admin & Program Associate Campus Ops-Administration S202 Millar Facilities Complex, 1 University Heights CPO 1100 Asheville, NC 28804 828-250-3994

In order to offer architectural or engineering services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.