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 Institution UNC School of the Arts 
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 Project Name Performance Place Renovations 
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Performance Place is a multi-theater venue located on the campus of UNCSA in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The project involves approximately 16,000 sq. ft. of renovation and reconfiguration of the Freedman Theater, Student Gallery and Pre-Function spaces. Renovations will include replacement of finishes, structural modifications, replacement and expansion of theatrical rigging, and expansion, repair and replacement of electrical and HVAC systems. The project includes another approximately 12,700 sq. ft. requiring new fire protection systems, replacement of ceilings, and painting.
 Main Contact for Submission Campus Contact 
 Name of Design Firm Vines Architecture 
 Design Firm Contact Name Adam Brakenbury 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 755-1975 
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 Campus Contact Name Christopher Placco, AIA 
 Campus Contact Telephone (336) 631-1236 
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 Bid Date 02/19/2019 
 Bid Time 2:00 pm (Time Bids Will Be Opened) 
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UNC School of the Arts Facilities Management Department 303 Waughtown St. Winston-Salem, NC 27127