Board Meetings and Materials

Meetings March 03, 2017 - C.S.L.D. Building, Chapel Hill
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Schedule
Policy Discussion(s)
College Board - Strengthening K-12 to Higher Education Pipeline
David Coleman Bio
Stefanie Sanford Bio
Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (CARMC)
A-1 Minutes
A-2 Updates to the Committee and Internal Audit Charters
A-3 UNC General Administration Internal Audit Update
A-4 Policy Review Project - Report Deregulation
Committee on Budget and Finance
Agenda B for Committee on B&F (3/2 AM)
B-1 Review of UNC System Financial Information
B-1a UNC System Financial Information Presentation
B-1b BOG March 2017 UNCG Presentation
Agenda C for Committee on B&F (3/2 PM)
C-1 Minutes of January 11, 2017
C-1a Minutes of January 12, 2017 (AM)
C-1b Minutes of January 12, 2017 (PM)
C-2 Authorization of Tuition for 2017-18
C-3 Authorization of Fees For 2017-18
C-4 2017 Non-Appropriated Capital Improvements Projects
C-5 Sale of Special Obligation Bond NCSU
C-6 Sale of Special Obligation Bonds WSSU
C-7 Authorization of Property Acquisition by Lease UNCP
C-8. Capital Improvements Projects ASU, NCSU, UNCW and WSSU
C-9 2015-16 UNC Consolidated Financial Report
C-10 Report of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Receipts, 2015-16
BOG - NC State Tuition & Fees
Agenda for UNC BOG Working Group on Capital Construction
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
A-1 Minutes
A-2 UNC Degree Program Establishments
A-3 UNC Degree Program Discontinuations
A-4 Licensure Program Approvals
A-5 Charlotte Teacher Early College
A-6 Optimizing Advising for Student Success
A-7 Report on Research and Sponsored Programs
A-8 Proposed Policy on Involvement of Centers and Institutes in Legal Actions
Planning Complete Committe Materials.pdf
Committee on Personnel and Tenure
A-1 Minutes
A-2 Report on Faculty R&R Fund Utilization
Committee on Public Affairs
A-1 Minutes
A-3 Legislative Panel
A-4 State Relations Update
Committee on University Governance
A-1 Minutes
A-4 Board Orientations
Minutes (Draft)
Minutes of January 13, 2017
Appendix A - President Spellings Report
Appendix B - University of North Carolina Strategic Plan-Definitions, Goals, Metrics, and Targets
Appendix C - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds - NCA&T
Appendix D - Sale of Obligation Bonds-UNCA
Appendix E - Refinancing of Housing Foundation Indebtedness - FSU
Appendix F - Capital Improvements Projects - ASU, ECU, NCSU, UNCA, UNC-CH, UNCC, UNCG and WCU
Appendix G - Acquisition of Right-of-Way - NCSU
Appendix H - Disposition of Easement - UNCC
Appendix I - Policy for the Tuition Guarantee Program
Appendix J - Discontinuation of MS in Electrical Engineering and Master of Specialized Vet Med-NCSU
Appendix K - 2017-2019 Budget and Policy Priorities
Appendix L - Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund Review
Approved Minutes of March 3, 2017