Board Meetings and Materials

Meetings August 07, 2015 - C. D. Spangler Building, Board Room
Cover Letter
Cover Letter
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Schedule
Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (CARMC)
Item 2 - Risk Management and Compliance Program
Item 3 - Approval of UNC-GA Internal Audit Plan
Item 4 - Summary Reports of Associated Entities and Findings as of 6.30.15
Committee on Budget and Finance
Item 2 - Authorization of Capital Improvements Projects - NCA&T, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNCC, And WCU
Item 3 - Acquisition of Real Property by Lease - UNC-CH
Item 4 - Property Actions Approved Under Delegated Authority
Item 5 - Property Actions Approved Under Delegated Chancellor Authority
Item 6 - Disposition of Real Property by Deed - NCSU
Item 7 - Acquisition of Real Property by Lease - UNCC
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
Item 4 - Prior Learning Assessment and Military Credit
Item 5A - Request for Authorization to Establish
Item 5B - Request of Authorization to Discontinue
Item 6A - East Carolina University Reorganization
Item 6B - NCAT Aspirational Peer Technical Correction
Item 6C - Request for Approval of Licensure
Item 6D - Annual Report on Committee Activity
Committee on Personnel and Tenure
Item 2 - 2015 Committee Orientation
Item 3 - Recommendation for Implementation of FY 2015-16 Compensation Adjustment
Item 4 -2015-2016 UNC GA Salary Ranges
Item 5- 2015-16 Salary Ceilings
Item 6 - 2015-2016 UNC System SAAO Salary Ranges
Item 7 - Use of Funds BOG Awards for Excellence in Teaching
Item 8 - Delegated Personnel Actions Report
Committee on Public Affairs
Item 2 - Legislative Update
Item 3 - State Relations Update
Committee on University Governance
Item 2 - Minutes Special Meeting of June 10, 2015
Item 3 - Governance Committee Staff Support Team
Item 4a - Security Clearance Resolution-BOG Members
Item 4b - Security Clearance Resolution
Item 9 -Risk Management and Compliance
Item 10 - 2015-16 BOT Schedule
Military Affairs
Item 4 - Charter Revision
Item 5 - 2015-2016 Committee Priorities
Committee on Strategic Initiatives
Item 2 - Employer Study
Item 3 - Strategic Directions Dashboard
Item 5 - Strategic Directions
Approved Minutes of August 7, 2015
Appendix A -President Ross' Report
Appendix B - 2015-16 Internal Audit Plan
Appendix C - Authorization of Capital Improvements Projects
Appendix D - Acquisition of Real Property by Lease - UNC-CH
Appendix E - Acquisition of Real Property by Deed - NCSU
Appendix F - Acquisiton of Real Property by Lease - UNCC
Appendix G - Authorization of Delegated Authority
Appendix H - Approval of Licensure for degree program at Central Texas College
Appendix I - Revision to UNC Policy 300.1.1 - Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
Appendix J - Resolution on Security Requirements for UNCC
Appendix K - Resolution on Security Requirements for UNCC with UNCGA Leadership
Appendix L - Authorization to Establish a B.S. in Psychology-UNCG
Appendix M - Authorization to Discontinue the following degree programs
Appendix N - Request for Technical Correction to list of Peer Institutions at NCA&T State University
Appendix O - Authorization to Relocate Academic Units in the College of Human Ecology-ECU
Appendix Q - BOG Governance Liaisons Assignments
Appendix P - 2014-15 Annual Report of the Committee on University Governance
Appendix R - Charter for Off-Model Education Delivery System to the Military
Appendix S - Resolution on Recommendations for FY 2015-16 Compensation Adjustments