President Erskine Bowles addressed the first meeting of the UNC Staff Assembly, October 16, 2006:

I began visiting campuses a year ago. As I met with students, faculty and staff, it never occurred to me that a Staff Assembly did not exist.  I took a leap of faith in you, the staff, when I signed the Staff Assembly charter. I want you to be candid with me and tell me what you think I need to be doing. I want your advice and your support. I’m glad the Staff Assembly was modeled after the Faculty Assembly because that model works well.  Having the ability to call Brenda Killingsworth (Chair of the Faculty Assembly) when I have questions is a big help to me.

I would like to underscore two points. First, the Staff Assembly is an organization that needs to deal with system-wide issues only, not problems on individual campuses. Second, this is an advisory group, not a decision-making body. I need your candid, strong, straightforward advice. With that, I can make better decisions. I will listen to your input because I want to make well informed decisions.

Current Chair:

Susan Colby - (NCSU) Chair - 2013-2015


Pernell D. Bartlett - (ECSU) Chair-elect 2014-2015

Previous Chairs:

Charles (Chuck) Brink - (UNC-CH) Chair - 2011-2013
Kelley Eaves-Boykin - (UNCC) Chair - 2008-2011
J.C. Boykin - (NCSU) Chair - 2006-2007
Stevan Clifton - (UNCC) Interim Chair - 2006