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Special Initiatives

The UNC System proactively creates special programs to address challenges and meet the changing needs of the people of North Carolina. Below is a list of initiatives supported and sponsored by the University


Strategic Planning

In January 2017, the UNC Board of Governors approved a new five-year Strategic Plan, Higher Expectations, focused on access, student success, affordability and efficiency, economic impact and community engagement, and excellent and diverse institutions.

Transparency and Accountability

UNC Data Dashboard interactive, online database that gives students, parents, policymakers and taxpayers expanded access to detailed system data on selected core measures. This new tool reflects UNC’s commitment to increase transparency, better track and measure our productivity, efficiency, and impact; and demonstrate greater accountability to the people of North Carolina.  


Campus Safety and Security 

In August 2013, the UNC Campus Security Initiative was launched to study system-level coordination of security and student safety efforts at our 17 campuses.

Throughout higher education, concerns about sexual assault and other violent crimes, campus security, and crime reporting have become topics of a national conversation. Our own campus leaders, students, and staff are taking part in that conversation, and they are working to raise awareness of and help address the threat posed to the educational community by sexual assault and other violent crimes.

Campus police chiefs, attorneys, student affairs professionals, counselors, medical and mental health professionals, faculty, provosts, Title IX coordinators, students, and others devoted considerable time and expertise to this important work. The 2014 Campus Security Initiative released its final report in July 2014. The report includes 26 findings and 36 recommendations that will help make our campuses safer, ensure the University is meeting both the letter and the spirit of laws governing campus security, and offer a blueprint for continuous improvement. Read the Campus Security Initiative Final Report.


Energy and Sustainability

The University is committed to the state’s environmental health through sustainability, and the efficient use of energy.  Sustainability is a core value supported by the Board of Governors’ and has led the board to develop a Sustainability Policy for the University.

Several UNC System campuses have expressed interest in third-party financed renewable energy projects, such as installing solar thermal panels that help provide hot water to residence halls. The opportunity for renewable energy tax credits provide incentive for investors and may also benefit individual campuses.

UNC Policy Manual - Chapter 600

The Board of Governors has adopted Environmental Policies reflective of the UNC System's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Representatives from the State Energy Office, UNC System Office, the UNC School of Government, and NC State University continue to work to develop and document a process to support campuses in pursuit of renewable energy opportunities.  For copies of current draft documents, contact Miriam Tripp,


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