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Economic Engagement


Economic Engagement

The University of North Carolina System is committed to working with community, regional and statewide partners to help lead the state through the challenges and opportunities our global economy offers.  We believe our institutions have a unique capacity and responsibility to produce high-quality graduates with the skills and abilities to work in our state's most important businesses and organizations.  We start new enterprises.  We work in partnership with businesses, agencies and organizations throughout the state to create a better quality of life for all North Carolinians.


The UNC System and Entrepreneurship

The UNC System has always been a seed bed of innovation in our curriculum and in cutting-edge research. Going forward, we know innovation and entrepreneurship will be even more critical to our success in the global economy. Individual institutions have their own initiatives to encourage more entrepreneurial activity on campuses and are connecting to larger initiatives in order to allow our campuses the ability to push toward a greater focus on entrepreneurship.

Across our University, campuses are offering majors and minors in entrepreneurship that are focused not only on business but also on social, commercial, and scientific disciplines. Universities are taking a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, seeking to infuse an entrepreneurial culture throughout campus.

The following links provide information about programs and curricula focused specifically around entrepreneurship:

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