Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics, with assistance from the directors of Institutional Research at each of the UNC System's 17 institutions, collects, analyzes, reports, and warehouses quantitative and qualitative data about students, faculty, staff, curriculum, course offerings, and learning outcomes for University management processes and to meet appropriate external reporting requirements.

The division works to improve the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of all data collected, as well as simplify access to data needed by the UNC System Office, constituent institutions, and the general public.

To contact the Office of Data & Analytics, please email.



Daniel Cohen-Vogel, Ph.D.
Vice President for Data & Analytics | 919-962-4554

Diane Marian, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Data & Analytics | 919-843-8613

Catherine Kurilla
Programmer/Analyst Manager | 919-962-4547

Evangelina "Angie" Callesis
Executive Assistant, Data and Analytics & Digital Learning  | 919-962-7049

Xuan-Lise Coulombe-Quach
Business Intelligence Analyst | 919-843-6736

Evan Ferrier
Programmer/Analyst | 919-962-4543

Giana Malak
Business Intelligence Analyst | 919-962-4544

Jelan Seward
Business Intelligence Analyst | 919-962-4901

Eric Zwieg
Programmer/Analyst | 919-843-6451


For Data & Analytics reports, see the UNC InfoCenter.

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