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2018 UNC System Alumni Survey

2018 Survey of UNC System Alumni


The Gallup Alumni Outcomes Survey was conducted by email from November 2018 to February 1, 2019 and targeted alumni of the 16 UNC System universities who graduated with bachelor’s degrees between 1940 and 2018 and had active email addresses. In all, 77,695 undergraduate alumni responded to the survey, which translates to a 10 percent response rate.

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In November of 2018, the UNC System Office launched a web-based survey of all undergraduate degree recipients who earned a degree at one of the 16 UNC System universities since 1940. This survey will measure alumni satisfaction with the University experience, both as it took shape during their academic careers and as it has influenced their postgraduate lives.

The UNC System has invested in this endeavor as part of its effort to fulfill the ambitious goals laid out in Higher Expectations: The Strategic Plan for the University of North Carolina, 2017-22.

The Strategic Plan includes the following goal:

Provide all students with outstanding academic and experiential learning opportunities to acquire “all useful learning” needed to be responsible citizens, productive members of the workforce, and life-long learners in a global environment.

To measure fulfillment of this goal, the UNC Strategic Plan requires the University to “implement a survey of current students and alumni that will measure the degree of engagement during their academic careers and satisfaction in postgraduate life.”

The survey provides data measuring many facets of student engagement and satisfaction, including student learning gains; involvement in campus organizations, internships, and research; job placement and earnings; and well-being.


Frequently asked questions

All alumni who obtained their undergraduate degrees from a UNC System university since 1940 have been invited to participate in the survey by email, so only those alumni with email addresses on file will be surveyed. Those who received graduate or professional degrees from the UNC System will not be included in this survey unless they also completed their undergraduate work at a constituent institution.  

The survey launched on Thursday, November 15, 2018, and closed on January 31, 2019.

You should dedicate 15 minutes to completing the survey.

Information gathered from this survey will help the UNC System serve its students, North Carolinians, and other invested partners.

The Strada-Gallup Index survey instrument asks respondents to reflect on their experiences in the classroom and in campus organizations. Respondents will also have an opportunity to measure their satisfaction with internship and research opportunities. The survey will also gather information from alumni about post-graduate well-being, including job placement and earnings.

All of this information will help the University get a broad sense of how well the System is progressing toward its goals.

At the same time, data from the alumni survey will also help individual institutions, providing them with valuable information that will help evaluate and improve campus culture and programs.

Finally, the UNC System plans to administer a survey of current students in 2019. The results from the alumni survey will inform the questions on this follow-up survey.

After reviewing proposals from a variety of potential vendors, the UNC System chose Gallup ( to administer this alumni survey. Gallup has a long and distinguished record of polling and surveying, along with specific data resources regarding respondent opinions about education through Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights.

Before the survey launched, data regarding UNC System alumni were managed and transmitted securely between constituent institutions and the UNC System Office and then between the UNC System Office and Gallup.

Graduates who requested a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) block against their data file in the past, who requested no contact from their institution, or who requested no contact from Gallup will not receive email communications from Gallup.

The following standards are specified in communications from Gallup--and in the permissions and consent statement supplied to graduates before they complete the survey: UNC System graduates’ contact information and responses will never be shared outside of the Gallup organization without graduates’ permission. Gallup will securely share responses with the UNC System Office, and the UNC System Office may securely share responses with the institution from which an individual graduated.

An undergraduate degree recipient from a UNC System institution who wants to participate in the alumni survey but who has not seen an email from Gallup should first check all of the various email accounts that may be on file with her or his respective institution. Please check junk or spam folders within those email accounts as well.

Any undergraduate degree recipient who then finds no survey email from Gallup should contact Gallup Client Services directly at or 1-888-332-9454. Gallup will create a unique link to the UNC System alumni survey for any undergraduate degree recipient who would like to participate in the survey.

Questions regarding the 2018 survey of UNC System alumni should be addressed to UNC System Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Cameron Howell at




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