SPARC Bylaws


  1. Election of Members
    1.  SPARC shall consist of one or more representatives from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Office of the President and one or more representatives from each UNC constituent institution. The Office of the President shall have one voting member on the Council, as appointed by the president. Each constituent institution shall have one voting member on the Council, as appointed by the institution's chancellor and confirmed by the president. Each voting member shall be elected to serve indefinitely or until new appointee is named.
    2. Whenever any vacancy shall occur in the elected membership of SPARC, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of SPARC to inform the chancellor of the affiliated institution of the existence of the vacancy and to request that the chancellor appoint a person to fill the position. Whenever a member shall fail, for any reason other than ill health or service in the interest of the state or nation, to be present for four successive regular meetings of the Council, the individual's place as a member shall be deemed vacant.
    3. Any interested parties may attend SPARC meetings and contribute to the discussions and work of its committees.
  2. General Qualifications
    1. All members of SPARC should be selected for their interest in, and ability to fulfill, the mission of SPARC.


  1. Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary
    1. The SPARC member representing the Office of the President shall serve as Chair of the Council. At its first meeting in each even-numbered year, SPARC shall elect a Vice Chair from its voting membership for a two-year term. The Chair shall appoint a Secretary from the Office of the President staff. The Secretary will serve indefinitely or until new replacement is named.
  2.  Duties of the Officers
    1. Chair:
      The duties of the chair include:
      1. Setting the dates for the Council meetings
      2. Appointing a Program Committee and serving as its Chair
      3. Appointing a Host Site Committee
      4. Presiding at Council meetings
      5. Approving the final version of the meeting agenda
      6. Casting tie-breaking votes
    2. Vice Chair:
      The duties of the vice chair include:
      1. Presiding at Council meetings when the Chair is absent
      2. Serving as Co-Chair of the Program Committee
      3. Assisting in the developing of the meeting agenda
    3. Secretary
      The duties of the secretary include:
      1. Taking official minutes at Council meetings
      2. Arranging for minutes to be communicated to SPARC members
      3. Holding and filing the official reports and documents approved by the Council
      4. Posting the minutes and official documents to the UNC website
      5. Maintaining an accurate list of members of the Council and support staff
  3. Committees and Committee Chairs
    SPARC voting members shall form standing and special committees, composed of voting and non-voting members as appropriate, to work on tasks as needed. Each committee shall elect its Chair. When vacancies occur in committee memberships, the appropriate SPARC voting members shall appoint new committee members.

Meetings and Bylaws

  1. Meetings: Regular SPARC meetings shall be held twice a year. The spring meeting will be held at a facility selected by a UNC host institution. The fall meeting will be held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Notice concerning the meeting time and place shall be communicated to each member at least two months in advance of the meeting date.
  2. Agenda: A copy of the agenda for each SPARC meeting shall be sent by the Secretary of the Council to each member at least ten days in advance of the meeting insofar as is practicable, along with copies of all reports and other materials to be presented at the meeting as a part of the agenda.
  3.  Conduct of Business
    1.  Quorum. A quorum for the conduct of SPARC business shall consist of a majority of the voting membership of the Council (at least 9 voting members).
    2. Presiding Officer. The Chair shall preside at all SPARC meetings. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall preside. In the absence of an elected officer, the voting membership of SPARC shall elect a presiding officer.
    3. Power to Vote. All voting members of SPARC may vote on all matters coming before the Council for consideration. Each voting member shall have one vote, and a member may vote by proxy or in absentia via email, mail, or telephone if necessary.
    4. General Voting. When deemed appropriate by the voting members, all attendees at a Council meeting may vote by a show of hands. This voting may be used to indicate the attendees' opinion on matters under discussion and to determine if action items need amendment before a Council vote.
    5. Rules of Order. Except as modified by specific rules and regulations enacted by SPARC, Robert's Rules of Order (latest edition) shall constitute the rules of parliamentary procedure applicable to all SPARC meetings and its committees.
    6.  References to Committees
      1. All matters presented to SPARC shall be referred to standing or select committees as deemed appropriate by the voting membership. The Council may proceed to consider any matter without referring it to a standing or special committee if the Council so chooses. The reports and recommendations of committees shall be submitted to the Council in writing.
      2. Committee members shall communicate with each other by email, phone, and at meetings, and shall present their findings to the Council in hard copy at the next schedule Council meeting. If the product of the committee is subject to amendment, it shall be amended by discussion and then by vote or referred back to the committee for further work.
  4. Minutes
    Within thirty days after each meeting of SPARC, the Secretary of the Council shall provide the minutes of the meeting, communicate a copy to each member of the Council, and post the minutes on the UNC website.
  5. Amendments and Suspension of Laws
    1. Any provision of these bylaws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the voting membership of the Council.
    2. Any bylaw provision may be suspended at any meeting of SPARC, for that meeting, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the Council present.