Global Connections

UNC’s Office of International, Community and Economic Engagement worked with campuses to produce an analysis of how UNC campuses, students and faculty are connected to global partners, global knowledge and global skills, as well as how the state of North Carolina is connected to the world. This-high level summary provides an overview of our “global connections,” and challenges the system to bring together partners across the state to increase global activity.

Global Connections: UNC and the World Executive Summary and Overview 

In the UNC strategic plan, Our Time Our Future, UNC laid out a plan to increase the system’s connections in China, India, Brazil, Mexico and Africa, to increase recruitment of international students and to raise the visibility of the ‘brand” of UNC and the state of North Carolina in the world. This report analyzes progress toward the goals of the strategic plan, as well as a summary of North Carolina’s broader efforts to connect to global students and markets.

UNC Global Connections Report (2015)
International Report Infographic

Global Connections: UNC and the World Full Report (2014)