Sarah Stumpo, Urban Design Student at UNC Charlotte

Tactical Urbanism


Sarah Stumpo, Urban Design Student at UNC Charlotte:

“So, everybody out here is a part of Deb Ryan’s class. And during our class, she proposed to us what we wanted to do to make a difference in our community, what type of change could we make that would instigate a long-term action. And we started researching about traffic statistics in Charlotte and found that 65 people die every year in Charlotte walking on the street, and in Charlotte, thirty percent of our population doesn't drive, which is actually enough people to fill the Bank of America Stadium up three times. So we felt that by kind of showing off the importance of the sidewalks that people would pay more attention – drivers and pedestrians. UNC Charlotte is directly across the street from two elementary schools. Every single day, we have kids running across the street and their parents taking them with them. What we were trying to do was partner with local schools here so we could also teach the children and their parents about pedestrian safety and walkability in cities. This is just another example of how UNC Charlotte is partnering with our community to make a difference.​”


Images by Wade Bruton, UNC Charlotte Flickr.



UNC Charlotte

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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