Requests for Proposals

The University of North Carolina and its 17 campuses, affiliated entities, and affiliated enterprises (University) solicit proposals from attorneys and firms to provide intellectual property counsel services, including those services related to patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret issues.  The firms appointed under this Request for Proposal (RFP) may be asked to provide a wide variety of legal services relating to intellectual property and technology transfer, such as filing, prosecuting, and maintaining intellectual property protection; licensing; and prosecuting, or defending claims of infringement. 

Some RFP’s are managed by UNC-GA and some are managed by the North Carolina State Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract (P&C).  

Intellectual Property Attorneys

The University has compiled a list of preapproved firms eligible to provide services for three years, at rates no higher than the stated rates included in the proposals, and without requiring further approval by the Attorney General or the Governor. Although each matter or potential transaction requiring legal services must be approved in advance by the institution seeking representation, the University believes that having a preapproved list with established standard rates will expedite the retention of intellectual property counsel.  For additional information or to be put on a list for notification of the 2017 RFP, please email Karin Szypszak at  

If you are a campus and would like to see the 2014-2017 List of Approved IP Firms (password required for access). You will be redirected to the intranet.