Office of the Secretary

Andrea Poole
Senior Associate Vice President and Secretary of the University | 919-962-3136
The Secretary of the University serves as a member of the General Administration Council and provides all essential support for the work of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors and its committees. Ms. Poole provides professional staff assistance to the Committee on University Governance and serves as the President's liaison to the campus Boards of Trustees. Her primary duties include planning meetings of the Board of Governors, maintaining and certifying the official acts of the Board, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, orienting new Board members and contributing to their ongoing development, and facilitating communication between Board members, the President, senior administrators, and campus constituencies.

Sue Carpenter
Assistant Secretary for Policy and Records Management | 919-962-4591
Ms. Carpenter began her service as the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Records Management in January 2008. Her responsibilities include managing the Board of Governors meetings and activities, coordinating the Office of the Secretary and Board of Governors website, managing the University of North Carolina Policy Manual, supervising staff, and supporting special projects.

Debbie Robertson
Executive Assistant to Andrea Poole and Meredith Didier | 919-962-7393
Ms. Robertson supports the Chief of Staff and the Office of the Secretary with campus Boards of Trustees. 
She coordinates the scheduling of meetings, events, and travel for Ms. Poole and Ms. Didier.