Feature Stories

  • To Boldly Grow

    When John Z. Kiss was nine years old he stayed up late to watch Neil Armstrong take those first steps onto the surface of the moon and tell the world, “That’s one small step for man, one giant step for mankind.”

    “My life is sort of the space era,” says Kiss, a professor of biology and dean of the UNC Greensboro College of Arts and Sciences.

    But there’s no way he could have known in 1969 that he would one day do research that could help humans take longer space flights and live on the moon or Mars.

  • Bert Holmes, the Carson Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at UNC Asheville

  • Act Locally, Think ??

    Thinking outside the box is getting to be a clichéd idea. So Jonathon Keats is challenging students to think outside of the galaxy.

    Keats, UNC Asheville’s Black Mountain College Legacy Fellow for the spring 2018 semester, engaged students to design and build very original “instruments,” and perform in Lipinsky Auditorium, with a goal of reaching beyond their human audience and deep into the cosmos.


  • CHAPEL HILL – The University of North Carolina Board of Governors elected Dr. Nancy J. Cable as the new chancellor of UNC Asheville during a special session of the board held today. Dr. Cable will assume her new duties on August 15. 

    “I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Cable to UNC Asheville and to our UNC System,” said President Spellings. “Dr. Cable will bring a nationally-recognized, highly-regarded and prestigious body of work in higher education to lead a university that also boasts these same qualities, so this choice could not be more fitting.”


    The UNC System emphasizes that it is one University, comprised of 17 unique institutions. As President Margaret Spellings is fond of saying, “Our institutions are individually remarkable, collectively extraordinary.”

  • For Western Carolina University’s Laura Wright, being an English professor isn’t just teaching students about words upon a page.

    Over the course of her 25 years in higher education classrooms, she says she has come to realize that her job is also about “teaching students to be empowered to read the world as text, as evidence of the ways that human beings interact, negotiate, navigate and, most importantly, empathize with the complex circumstances that we encounter every day.

  • Instead of relaxing over the winter holiday with family and friends, five NC State students and two mentors traveled to the west coast of Africa, to a small city in Sierra Leone. They oversaw the drilling of a well that will provide clean water for 700 students and faculty at a school.

  • Cammie the crayfish lives in a water filled aquarium inside a lab at Kepley BioSystems. Cammie likes to attack a white block of cake whenever it is dumped into her tank. The white, chalky block isn't your standard piece of cake. And that’s the whole point of this story.

    “What you’re watching, that cake, is a solution for the hard working folks in the crustacean, crab and lobster industry,” explains Anthony Dellinger, one of the founders of Kepley BioSystems.

  • Inventor, innovator, winner.

    NC State University Professor Ruben Carbonell wins Board's Max Gardner Award

    Dr. Ruben G. Carbonell honored with 2018 O. Max Gardner Award from University of North Carolina on Vimeo.

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