Feature Stories

  • A River Runs Through It

    Five UNC campuses learn about African culture, music, sustainability from Nile Project

    The Nile River is the longest in the world, but unfortunately, many University of North Carolina students and faculty will never get the opportunity to experience its wonder.

    So the Nile Project is bringing the river to them, at least in spirit, embracing the idea that nature is often a catalyst for artistic and cultural endeavors.

  • Going Un-viral

    UNC Charlotte creating data tools to help Department of Defense track pathogen migrations

    In combating international threats to public health such as the Zika virus, data could be the most important weapon in the arsenal.

  • Exploring a new Frontier

    FSU, UNCG part of Gates Foundation program to increase graduation rates

    Ensuring that more students earn a degree is one of the highest priorities of the University of North Carolina. Two UNC campuses, Fayetteville State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, have been selected to join a national program designed to increase those outcomes.

  • Legal LIT-eracy

    New WSSU program has university’s legal counsel mentoring students considering law school

    Asia Dukes knew she wanted to become a lawyer.

  • As Caelen Taylor watched the sunset and the night sky rise over the horizon, the light cast by the moon and stars revealed her awe-struck face.

    It’s not that she had never seen stars before, but at 9 a.m. — and while sitting on the hardwood floor of an auxiliary gym — you don’t expect to see the Little Dipper shining.

    “I’ve always wondered what it’s like shooting through space and what the stars look like because I’ve never seen all those constellations before,” said Caelen, a third-grader at Waddell Language Academy in Charlotte. “They were really cool.”

  • Search and Rescue

    Tracking the Movement of Cyborg Cockroaches

    New research from North Carolina State University offers insights into how far and how fast cyborg cockroaches – or biobots – move when exploring new spaces. The work moves researchers closer to their goal of using biobots to explore collapsed buildings and other spaces in order to identify survivors.

  • Research: Mission Critical

    Great things grow out of UNC’s institutions.

    Innovative cancer treatments, Nobel Prizes, the future of manufacturing. Great things grow out of UNC’s institutions, but how do they develop?

  • Debunking Millennial Myths

    We’ve all heard the millennial stereotypes.

    Sheltered. Entitled. Addicted to their phones.

    According to UNCG senior Jade Murphy, they’re inaccurate characterizations. Myths that she – along with college students across the country – is working to debunk.

  • Are You In-State?

    New online system is one-stop shop to determine residency for NC college students

    For many college students, in-state residency means the benefit of lower tuition as well as eligibility for state financial aid.

  • Treating Ebola

    Researchers from NCCU, NC State, UNC-CH using algae to create treatment for Ebola, other viruses

    Researchers from North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill are trying to come up with a way to mass-produce a cure for Ebola and other viruses by using algae to produce disease-fighting proteins in large quantities. Building on a previous treatment in which tobacco plants produced only very small amounts of the therapeutic, the research team instead examined using algae to produce the proteins and have gotten encouraging results.