Feature Stories

  • Cheatham-White Scholarship

    New merit scholarship offers select NC students full rides to N.C. A&T, NCCU

    Applications are now open for scholarships at two University of North Carolina incumbent institutions for incoming qualifying students to have the chance to get free tuition and expenses, plus an opportunity to study abroad.

  • Country Doctors

    UNC and ECU medical graduates make an impact in rural healthcare

    It takes a special kind of physician to practice healthcare in rural and underserved parts of North Carolina.

    The pay isn’t on par with doctors in Charlotte or Raleigh; the offices may not have access to the latest technology; the newest medicines may be harder to obtain; and the physician often has to provide care in fields that a specialist in a larger city would usually provide.

  • Serving the Underserved

    UNC medical programs encourage graduates to serve in state’s rural areas

    Imagine driving nearly an hour or 60 to 70 miles along backroads just for a simple checkup at the doctor. For many North Carolinians, basic healthcare is a major issue – and even more dire in an emergency situation.

    State lawmakers and healthcare officials face significant challenges in providing healthcare to residents of underserved and rural areas. With new initiatives from medical programs in the University of North Carolina system, relief might be on the way.

  • Equipping Tomorrow’s Workforce

    The North Carolina Research Campus

    The North Carolina Research Campus is helping to develop the next generation of research professionals. Programs such as the Plant Pathways Elucidation Project provide students from across our state the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience. As part of this academic-industry partnership, North Carolina science students collaborate with NCRC’s leading scientists in a multidisciplinary environment to produce unique, significant scholarly contributions to the fields of plant science and human health.

  • Propagating Local Growth

    The North Carolina Research Campus

    In 2003, the textile mill closed its doors that had employed many of Kannapolis’ residents and defined the community. As a result, thousands of men and women lost their jobs – causing the largest one-day layoff in North Carolina history. The North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), which, poetically, was constructed on the site of the former textile mill, has revitalized hope for economic prosperity in Kannapolis. Over 1,000 jobs are now associated with the campus, and it plays a critical role in the city’s redevelopment.


  • Planting Where We Bloom

    The North Carollina Research Campus

    Researchers, contributors, and other professionals at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) are working to transform the landscape of nutrition and human health beyond laboratories and clinics. Aubrey Mast, Nutrition Associate for NCRC’s NC State University Plants for Human Health Institute, understands that nutrition education and outreach are critical components of this mission.

  • Fostering Collaboration

    The North Carolina Research Campus

    Researchers at the North Carolina Research Campus’ (NCRC) Human Performance Laboratory, located at the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory, are using collaboration to advance the understanding of the link between exercise, nutrition and overall health. The Human Performance Laboratory is nationally recognized for producing groundbreaking scientific discoveries in the area of nutrition and exercise immunology. Led by Dr.

  • Breathing Easy

    NCSU doctoral student’s new spirometer could improve lives of asthma patients

    Patients suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma currently have limited options for measuring their breathing. They either can use peak flow meters, which tend not to be very accurate, or spirometers, which are so expensive that some physicians’ offices don’t carry them.

  • Thinking through making

    ECU School of Art and Design students make stand-up paddleboards

    Twelve East Carolina University students have learned the art of making paddleboards during an intense summer class.

    Following a successful canoe building course last summer, the School of Art and Design gave students the opportunity to make stand-up paddleboards this year.

    The popularity of stand-up paddleboarding made it a good choice, said ECU instructor Judson Snapp, who has built several boards and is a former kayak guide on the Outer Banks.

  • An ancient Galilean synagogue continues to yield stunning mosaics

    A team of specialists and students led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Jodi Magness has uncovered additional mosaic scenes in the Late Roman synagogue at Huqoq, an ancient Jewish village in Israel’s Lower Galilee. The new finds provide insight about daily life in the fifth century C.E. and expand the rich repertoire of mosaics already discovered decorating the floors of the building.