Feature Stories

  • Double the degree

    3+2 Dual Degree partnerships give students opportunities for two STEM diplomas

    To meet the ever-growing demands of highly trained workers in STEM disciplines in North Carolina, North Carolina State University’s College of Engineering has created a program that will allow students to get two STEM-related degrees in partnership with three other UNC system institutions.

  • Powerful proteins

    Post-doctoral student’s provisional patent with tardigrades may lead to new preservation methods

    It was the way that tardigrades survive in virtually any environment that first attracted Thomas Boothby to study their proteins.

  • Growth from the Ground Up

    It’s 3 a.m. on a Monday morning. Sweet-smelling steam wafts through a large warehouse in St. Pauls, North Carolina. A vat full of golden kernels bubbles while a nearby machine smashes two stones together, grinding the freshly cooked corn into putty. Across the warehouse, the sound of whirring machinery signals the start of a conveyer belt. Hundreds upon hundreds of nearly perfect circles shoot down a production line that transforms them into hot tortillas.

  • BRITE futures

    First graduates receive NCCU doctoral degrees in more than 50 years

    Rasheena Edmondson has long envisioned herself in a white lab coat. As a science-loving middle school student in Wilson County, N.C., she first dreamed of becoming a pharmacist. Investigating the career further, however, she had second thoughts.

    “I shadowed a pharmacist for a day and thought: I can’t do this. It’s boring,” Edmondson recalled. Next on the list was medical doctor. But her squeamishness about touching strangers quickly derailed that plan.

  • Boots to Suits

    FSU to Host 5th Annual Conference

    Thousands of service members transition out of the military each year, making the jump to civilian life. Often, veterans’ experience and skills are difficult to quantify to companies and hiring agencies. Fayetteville State University’s Annual Boots to Suits Conference which will take place in August serves to bridge the gap between service members and hiring managers by educating agencies and companies on the benefits that veterans could have on their organizations, which benefits both the hiring agencies as well as the veterans.

  • Getting in GEAR

    GEAR UP funding helps NC school districts provide access to students seeking to go to college

    One of the educators who attended the GEAR UP North Carolina summit of educators last month told more than 100 people in attendance that she was barely able to fill out all of the financial aid paperwork for her son’s college application. If she – a public education employee with years of experience – had such difficulty, imagine what a family with no college-educated adult goes through.

  • Breaking a Sound Barrier

    UNC-Chapel Hill doctoral candidate helps make breakthroughs in computer sound simulation

    While the quality of visual images in video games and virtual reality continues to advance impressively with technology improvements, the sound and music quality of those games haven’t kept pace. A team of faculty and students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Department of Computer Science has been developing sound simulation technologies to overcome that barrier for almost a decade.

  • A broad spectrum

    McLaughlin-Smith teaches UNCW faculty and students that diversity is more than race

    Because Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith’s lessons in diversity on the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus are so engaging, Victor Malo-Juvera asks her to speak to his English education class every semester.

    But he didn’t know just how effective McLaughlin-Smith’s impact was until he ran into a former student at a party.

  • Preserving life

    UNC Charlotte faculty initiative increases viability of organ transplants

    Each year, more than 120,000 people across the nation wait to receive a life-saving organ transplant. Unfortunately for those on the waiting list, only about 3,500 transplants take place because of a lack of donor organs.

  • From the basalt lava fields of Hawaii to the vast white expanse of Antarctica, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumna Zena Cardman has ventured to some of Earth’s most unique and remote places.

    Now she’s setting her sights on the ultimate frontier—space. Over 18,300 people applied to be in NASA’s upcoming class of astronauts. NASA announced on June 7 that Cardman was among the top 12 accepted. She reports to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in August.