UNCG: A Musical Collage

UNCG’s ninth annual Collage awed and inspired on Saturday night as more than 300 music students and faculty performed in front of a sold-out UNCG Auditorium.

Part of the newly launched War & Peace Imagined event series, this year’s collaborative musical performance included numerous pieces that alluded to the themes of war and peace, as well as previews of different works that will be performed throughout the year.

“It’s an exciting way to kick off the semester,” said Dr. Kevin Geraldi, associate professor of conducting. “It’s very fast-paced. We intentionally arranged pieces back to back that didn’t seem to fit together, so the contrasts were very striking.”

Collage 2016 included performances by a wide variety of upper-level student ensembles and faculty, including the university’s new Brazilian percussion ensemble and new piano faculty member Dr. Kyoo Hye Lim.

Saturday’s performance was particularly special for junior Isaac Pyatt, the only student selected to perform one of his own compositions – “Chaconne No. 2.”

In its complete form, “Chaconne No. 2” – named for the musical form “chaconne” that serves as the foundation of the piece – is a marimba solo with an accompanying percussion trio. Pyatt composed the piece last fall and performed it at three different events in the spring. In May, he received an invitation to perform an abbreviated version at Collage.

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