The Touchdown Magnet

The Touchdown Magnet

Whether you're watching on television or in person in a stadium, football fans know that keeping track of a football isn’t easy. The game is fast, the players are big and the ball can get lost in the shuffle. Coaches and even referees know that too. 

The trouble is, inches matter in football. The exact location of the football can determine whether a player gained enough yardage for a third-down conversion. The exact location also can show if the ball crossed the goal line for a touchdown. The spot where the ball is can affect who wins the game. 

How many times have you seen a player diving for the goal line, trying to get even just a tiny part of the ball across the goal line for a score? Sometimes, even a multitude of video angles on instant replay do not reveal how much of the ball did cross the line, with perfect clarity. 

Now, engineers at North Carolina State University may have a way to know for sure.

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