ECSU Homeland Security Training

It’s been 12 years since Dr. Lloyd Mitchell, an associate professor in ECSU’s Department of Physical Education & Health, began overseeing ECSU students in disaster planning and response.

Unfortunately, he’s observed an increase of natural disasters and terrorist attacks in that time frame. As a result, he remains committed to preparing the next generation of homeland security professionals. Thanks to a Department of Homeland Security funded grant, he, like numerous of professors across the nation, guides students through a series of projects that prepare them for relevant federal government careers. Most of those career options are related to disaster planning and response. Mitchell takes pride in the eight students who completed the rigorous training while completing courses for their prospective degree programs. They credit ECSU with offering them an opportunity of a lifetime when it offered disaster planning and response sessions.

When disaster strikes, Mitchell says healing begins the moment a good recovery plan is implemented. Mitchell said participating ECSU students learn to review and analyze a variety of risks across the country. Of particular interest are those risks relevant to aerospace and environmental health. Three current ECSU students are working on related projects. One student is exploring aerospace risks. Another student is exploring risks related to outdoor activities. Another student will explore projects related to environmental health and safety this summer.

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