Preparing more, higher quality teachers and school leaders for North Carolina’s public schools has long been one of the University of North Carolina’s highest priorities. We understand that recruiting, preparing, supporting, and retaining good teachers and leaders are essential to improving our schools. UNC’s fifteen educator preparation programs are central to this priority and our pathway to improvement. This important work requires collaboration and engagement between UNC campuses and our public school partners. We must engage all partners to improve education in North Carolina.

The University bears an important responsibility for its part in meeting the needs of public school teachers, principals, and other educators and for its graduates’ effectiveness in fostering learning and academic performance.  UNC System-prepared teachers represent about 37 percent of the employed teaching workforce in our state. We are the single largest supply source of teachers for North Carolina’s public schools – preparing more that 20,000 new teachers over the last five years toward the state’s overall supply. However, since 2010 UNC education enrollments have declined by almost 30 percent. In response to this alarming trend, we have put into place a three-part strategy to address the decline, which includes developing enrollment growth goals, conducting market research, and establishing campus-based recruitment plans.

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