A Fashionable Response to Zika Protection, NCSU

Just down the street from main campus, a research volunteer sits in an enclosed cage with several hundred hungry mosquitoes. When he emerges after 20 minutes, he has sustained just a few bites. The results are strong. His protection? A suit of sleek and breathable fabric. The test is part of NC State’s research to develop a highly-engineered, chemical-free, lightweight fabric that is mosquito resistant.

As part of a five-year collaboration between NC State’s College of Natural ResourcesCollege of Textiles and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, researchers are aggressively looking to find solutions to protect people living and working in locations infected with mosquito-borne illnesses.

Marian McCord, associate dean for research in the College of Natural Resources, is leading the effort to develop novel protective clothing.

Read more about NCSU's innovative protective clothing.


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