At the UNCSA School of Design and Production, the jobs come seeking you. At least they do each spring semester for graduating students during the school’s annual Professional Job Fair.

The 19th annual event held this year at the end of February was no exception. With 672 interviews completed over two days, it’s safe to say it was a busy weekend for students and employers alike.

“This is more than just a career fair,” says Jamie Call Blankinship, Stage Management instructor and organizer of the event. “We are asking these companies to engage with our students as teachers and mentors. It’s not just about getting a job. It helps students learn to articulate their passion, their experience and their qualifications.”

The school’s 2016 job fair was held the last weekend in February and attracted recognizable names like Cirque du Soleil, Disney Global Entertainment, Disney Cruise Lines, Busch Gardens and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. It also brings in representatives from dance companies and opera houses; major lighting, Broadway design and scenic companies; leaders in the entertainment and special events industries; and even summer camps from right here in North Carolina. (See the full list of companies in attendance below.)

The weekend starts with a symposium, where guest professionals and students have an open discussion about entering the job market, followed by portfolio reviews and interview scheduling.

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