The UNC Policy Manual

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics


The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 - The Code

Section 902


902 A.   Policy

It is declared to be the policy of the State to foster, encourage, promote, and provide assistance in the development of skills and careers in science and mathematics among the people of the State. [See G.S.116-230.1]

902 B.   Re-Establishment

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is reestablished as a constituent high school of The University of North Carolina, effective July 1, 2007, and shall thereafter be governed by the Board of Governors and a Board of Trustees. [See G.S. 116-231]

902 C.        Board of Trustees

The School is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina and subject to the provisions of this Code; provided, however, that notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter IV of this Code, the Board of Trustees of the School shall consist of 27 persons as provided by law. The Board of Governors shall appoint 21 members as follows: 13 members, one from each congressional district; four members without regard to residency; three members, ex officio and voting, who shall be the chief academic officers, or their designee, respectively, of three constituent institutions designated by the Board of Governors in 1985 and quadrennially thereafter; and one member, ex officio and voting, who shall be the chief academic officer of a college or university in North Carolina other than a constituent institution and designated by the Board of Governors in 1985 and quadrennially thereafter. The Chancellor shall serve ex officio and non-voting as the Secretary of the Board. [See G.S. 116-233]

902 D.     Powers of Board

In addition to the powers enumerated in this Code, the Board of Trustees shall establish the standard course of study for the School and regulations governing class size, the instructional calendar, the length of the instructional day, and the number of instructional days in each term. The Board shall establish criteria, standards and procedures for the admission of students who are legal residents of North Carolina, ensuring insofar as possible without jeopardizing admission standards, that an equal number of qualified applicants is admitted to the program and to the residential summer institutes in science and mathematics from each of North Carolina's congressional districts. The Board shall adopt compulsory attendance policies consistent with North Carolina law and rules of student conduct. The Chancellor, other administrative officers, and all teachers, substitute teachers, voluntary teachers, teacher aides and assistants, and student teachers in the School may use reasonable force in the exercise of lawful authority to restrain or correct pupils and maintain order. [See G.S. 116-235]

902 E. Endowment Fund

The Board of Trustees is authorized to establish a permanent endowment fund, and shall perform such duties in relation thereto as are prescribed by the provisions of Chapter VII of this Code. [See G.S. 116-68]

902 F.    Purposes of the School.

The purposes of the School shall be to foster the educational development of North Carolina high school students who are academically talented in the areas of science and mathematics and show promise of exceptional development and global leadership through participation in a residential educational setting emphasizing instruction in the areas of science and mathematics; and to provide instruction, methods, and curricula designed to improve teaching and learning in North Carolina and the nation with an emphasis on distance education and programs that expand pathways for students into careers in science and mathematics. [See G.S. 116-232]

902 G.   Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Neither the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina nor its Board of Trustees shall impose any tuition or fee at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics without the approval of the General Assembly. [See G.S. 116-143] Service charges are permitted in accordance with University policy.

902 H.   Educational Advisory Council

The Board of Trustees is authorized to establish an Educational Advisory Council, which shall give advice and counsel to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. The School shall invite membership, ex officio, of the State Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction, or designee, and the chairman of the State Board of Education, or designee, and other persons who are scientists, mathematicians, public school representatives, or other persons having an interest in the School and desiring to contribute to its work.