The UNC Policy Manual

Appendix A: University of North Carolina Request for Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program


The UNC Policy Manual
Adopted 05/23/12[1]






THE PURPOSE OF ACADEMIC PROGRAM PLANNING: Planning a new academic degree program provides an opportunity for an institution to make the case for need and demand and for its ability to offer a quality program. The notification and planning activity to follow do not guarantee that authorization to establish will be granted.

Date: _______________________

Constituent Institution: ________________________________________________________________________

CIP Discipline Specialty Title: ________________________________________________________________________


CIP Discipline Specialty Number: _________ Level: B ______ M ______ 1st Prof ______ D ______


Exact Title of the Proposed Program: ________________________________________________________________________


Exact Degree Abbreviation (e.g. B.S., B.A., M.A., M.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.): _________________________

Does the proposed program constitute a substantive change as defined by SACS?       Yes ____ No ____

The current SACS Substantive Change Policy Statement may be viewed at:

If yes, please briefly explain. 


Proposed date to establish degree:      Month ________________ Year ________________

1.             Describe the proposed new degree program. The description should include:

    a.            a brief description of the program and a statement of educational objectives

                 b.            the relationship of the proposed new program to the institutional mission

    c.             the relationship of the proposed new program to existing programs at the institution and to the institution’s strategic plan

     d.            special features or conditions that make the institution a desirable, unique, or cost effective place to initiate such a degree program

2.            Provide documentation of student demand and evidence of the proposed program’s responsiveness to the needs of the region, state, or nation.

3.            List all other public and private institutions of higher education in North Carolina currently operating programs similar to the proposed new degree program. Identify opportunities for collaboration with institutions offering related degrees and discuss what steps have been or will be taken to actively pursue those opportunities where appropriate and advantageous.

4.            Are there plans to offer all or a portion of this program to students off-campus or online? If so,

                a.            Briefly describe these plans, including sites and method(s) of delivering instruction.

                b.            Indicate any similar programs being offered off-campus or online in North Carolina by other institutions (public or private).

                c.             What is the estimated percentage of courses in the degree program that will be  offered/available off-campus or online:       __________

                d.            Estimate the number of off-campus or online students that would be enrolled in the first and fourth years of the program:

                                        First Year Full-Time _________ Part-Time _________

                                        Fourth Year Full-Time _________ Part-Time _________

Note: If a degree program has not been approved by the Board of Governors, its approval for alternative, online, or distance delivery is conditioned upon BOG program approval. (400.1.1[R], page 3)

5.            Estimate the total number of students that would be enrolled in the program during the first year of operation:  Full-Time _________ Part-Time _________

                Estimate the total number of students that would be enrolled in the program during the fourth year of operation:  Full-Time _________ Part-Time _________

6.            Will the proposed program require development of any new courses:  Yes ____ No____­­
                If yes, briefly explain.

 7.            Will any of the resources listed below be required to deliver this program? (If yes, please briefly explain in the space below each item, and state the source of the new funding and resources required.)

                a.            New Faculty:                                                                                      Yes_____ No _____


                b.            Additional Library Resources:                                                    Yes _____ No _____


                c.             Additional Facilities and Equipment:                                      Yes _____ No _____


                d.            Additional Other Program Support:                                          Yes _____ No _____

                                (for example, additional administrative staff, new

Master’s program graduate student assistantships, etc.)

8.            For graduate programs only:

                a.            Does the campus plan to seek approval for a tuition differential or program specific fee for this new graduate program?                                                                Yes _____ No _____

b.            If yes, state the amount of tuition differential or fee being considered, and give a brief justification. 

9.            For doctoral programs only: 

a.            Describe the research and scholarly infrastructure in place (including faculty) to support the proposed program.

b.            Describe the method of financing the proposed new program (including extramural research funding and other sources) and indicate the extent to which additional state funding may be required.

c.             State the number, amount, and source of proposed graduate student stipends and related tuition benefits that will be required to initiate the program. 

10.          List the names, titles, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the person(s) responsible for planning the proposed program.


This request for authorization to plan a new program has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.


Chancellor _______________________________________      Date__________________


[1]This Appendix A supersedes the preceding Appendix A entitled, “Notification of Intent to Plan a New Baccalaureate or Master's Program," adopted May 6, 2009.