The UNC Policy Manual

Academic Calendars


The UNC Policy Manual


Adopted 07/12/96

Amended 02/08/02

Amended 07/01/07


The University of North Carolina Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars will be structured to provide a minimum of 75 class days per semester—excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays—for a minimum of 150 class days per academic year.[1] The chancellor of the constituent institutions shall submit to the president by October 15 of each year copies of the calendars for the subsequent academic year.

All UNC campuses must ensure that every course offered for academic credit adheres to the standard of a minimum of 750 scheduled minutes of instructional time or the equivalent per credit hour. The time may include required examination periods, but may not include study days. In setting the academic calendar for each semester, campuses may set holiday periods, study days, and final examinations appropriate to accommodate the scheduled classes. In no case may a campus set a calendar that has optional final examinations if the time is considered a part of the required minimum class time.


[1] The standard course of study and academic calendar of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics shall be structured in accordance with regulations set by its Board of Trustees. See G.S. 116-235.