The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 600

  • 600.1
    Real Property
    • 600.1.1
      Design, Construction, and Financing of Capital Improvement Projects
    • 600.1.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on the Delegation of Authority to Execute Construction Contracts
    • 600.1.2
      Selection of Bond Counsel
    • 600.1.3
      Leasing and Acquisition of Real Property Authority
    • 600.1.3.1
      Policy on Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property by Lease
    • 600.1.3.1[R]
      Regulations for Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property by Lease
    • 600.1.4[R]
      Regulations on Required Clearances for Real Property Transactions
    • 600.1.5
      Equal Access in Construction Contracting
  • 600.2
    Endowments and Other Funds
    • 600.2.1
      Endowment Funds
    • 600.2.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Expanding Membership of Boards of Trustees of Institutuional Endowment Funds
    • 600.2.1.2[G]
      Guidelines on Creating and Operating Endowment Funds
    • 600.2.2
      Endowment Fund of The University of North Carolina Center for Public Television
    • 600.2.3
      Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
    • 600.2.4
      Custody and Management of Institutional Trust Funds and Special Funds of individual Institutions
    • 600.2.4.1
      Delegated Authority for Managing Institutional Trust Fund
    • 600.2.5
      Annual Financial Audits and Oversight of University-Related Private Foundations
    • 600.2.5.1[G]
      Guidelines on Annual Financial Audits of University-Related Private Foundations
    • 600.2.5.2[R]
      Required Elements of University-Associated Entity Relationship
  • 600.3
    Special Responsibility Constituent Institutions
    • 600.3.1
      Selection Criteria and Operating Instructions for Special Responsibility Constituent Institutions
    • 600.3.2
      Designation of Special Responsibility Constituent Institutions
    • 600.3.3
      Expenditure of Funds Generated Through Lapsed Salaries
    • 600.3.4
      Granting of Management Flexibility to Appoint and Fix Compensation
  • 600.4
    Debt Collection
    • 600.4.1
      Hearings Under the Setoff Debt Collection Act
    • 600.4.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Implementing Setoff Debt Collection
    • 600.4.1.2[G]
      Guidelines on Collecting Debts Owed the State by State Employees, Officials, and Legislators
  • 600.5
    Other Financial and Real Property Matters
    • 600.5.1
      Institutional Vending Facilities
    • 600.5.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Institutional Vending Facilities
    • 600.5.2
      Replacement of Lost Securities
    • 600.5.3[R]
      Regulations on Receipt and Expenditure of Revenue from Collegiate License Plates
    • 600.5.4
      Contracts to Obtain the Services of a Consultant
    • 600.5.5[G]
      Guidelines on the Delegation of Certain Contractual Authority at UNC General Administration
  • 600.6
    Environmental Policies
    • 600.6.1
      The University of North Carolina Policy of Sustainability
    • 600.6.2[R]
      Regulations on Developing Minimum Environmental Criteria under the North Carolina Environmental Policy Act
    • 600.6.3[G]
      Guidelines on Recycling