The UNC Policy Manual


  • 600.2.1
    Endowment Funds
  • 600.2.1.1[G]
    Guidelines on Expanding Membership of Boards of Trustees of Institutional Endowment Funds
  • 600.2.1.2[G]
    Guidelines on Creating and Operating Endowment Funds
  • 600.2.2
    Endowment Fund of The University of North Carolina Center for Public Television
  • 600.2.3
    Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
  • 600.2.4
    Custody and Management of Institutional Trust Funds and Special Funds of individual Institutions
  • 600.2.4.1
    Delegated Authority for Managing Institutional Trust Fund
  • 600.2.5
    Annual Financial Audits and Oversight of University-Related Private Foundations
  • 600.2.5.1[G]
    Guidelines on Annual Financial Audits of University-Related Private Foundations
  • 600.2.5.2[R]
    Required Elements of University-Associated Entity Relationship