The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 800

  • 800.1
    Scholarship Programs
    • 800.1.1
      Medical and Dental Scholars' Program
    • 800.1.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Recruiting and Attracting Graduates of Meharry Medical College Who are North Carolina Residents for Whom State Financial Support was Provided to Meharry Medical College
    • 800.1.2[G]
      Guidelines on Incentive Scholarship and Program for Native Americans
    • 800.1.3[G]
      Guidelines on Implementing Incentive Scholarship Programs for Certain Constituent Institutions
    • 800.1.4[G]
      Incentive Scholarship Program for Elizabeth City State University
  • 800.2
    Selective Service Act Compliance
    • 800.2.1
      Selective Service Act Compliance
    • 800.2.1.1[R]
      Regulations on Selective Service Act Registration Compliance
  • 800.3
    Legislative College Opportunity Program
    • 800.3.1
      Legislative College Opportunity Program
    • 800.3.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Implementing the College Opportunity Program
  • 800.4
    Focused Growth
    • 800.4.1
      Prospective Teachers Scholar Program
  • 800.5
    Regulation of Financial Aid Practices