The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 700

  • 700.1
    Undergraduate Admissions
    • 700.1.1
      Minimum Course Requirements for Undergraduate Admission
    • 700.1.1.1[R]
      Regulations on Minimum Undergraduate Admission Requirements
    • 700.1.2.1[R]
      Regulations on Supplemental Information about Academic Performance of Nonpublic School Students and Home-Schooled Students
    • 700.1.3
      Out-of-State Undergraduate Enrollment
    • 700.1.4[G]
      Guidelines on the Admission of Undocumented Aliens
    • 700.1.5
      Solicitation or Use of Information Regarding the Accreditation of a Secondary School
    • 700.1.1.2[R]
      Regulations on Transfer Student Admissions
  • 700.2
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • 700.2[R]
      Regulations of UNC General Administration with Respect to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • 700.3
    Student Governments
    • 700.3.1
      Policy on The University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments
  • 700.4
    Student Conduct and Discipline
    • 700.4.1
      Minimum Substantive and Procedural Standards for Student Disciplinary Proceedings
    • 700.4.1.1[R]
      700.4.1.1[R] Regulation Applicable to Student Disciplinary or Conduct Procedures: Right to an Attorney or Non-Attorney Advocate for Students and Student Organizations
    • 700.4.2
      Policy on Student Conduct
    • 700.4.3[G]
      Guidelines on Student Disciplinary Proceedings: Meaning and Effect of "Expulsion"
  • 700.5
    Applicant Background Checks
    • 700.5.1[R]
      Regulations on Student Applicant Background Checks
  • 700.6
    Academic Integrity
    • 700.6.1[R]
      Academic Integrity Regulations
    • 700.6.1.1[G]
      Guidelines on Academic Integrity and Required Course-Clustering Analysis of Student-Athletes
  • 700.7
    Military/Veteran Affairs
  • 700.8
    Campus Housing
  • 700.9
    Student Organizations
    • 700.9.1
      Recognition of Student Organizations