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 Institution NC State University 
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 Project Name Phytotron Energy Conservation-Trade Bid Pkg Group  
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Principal trade contractors are solicited for the following trade package: 02-Demo-Abatement 09B-Painting 03-Concrete 23A-Building Mechanical 04-Masonry 23B-Growth Chamber Mechanical 05-Metal Fabrication 26A-Building Lighting and Electrical 07-Roofing 26B-Growth Chamber Lighting 09A-Drywall-ACT
 Main Contact for Submission CM at Risk Firm 
 Name of Design Firm RMF 
 Design Firm Contact Name Avery Monroe 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 941-9876 
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 Due Date 09/24/2013 
 Due Time 2:00 pm 
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Gary Concelmo, DPR Construction, 2000 Aerial Center Parkway, Suite 118, Morrisville, NC 27560 (919-337-9402; 919-882-8051 FAX or or Brenda David (919-337-9628; 919-800-3557 Fax or on September 24, 2013 by 2 PM for the above trade packages.