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 Institution UNC - Chapel Hill Academic Affairs 
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 Project Name Hamilton Hall-Renovation of the Exterior Envelope 
 Type of Services Architectural/Engineering 
 Project Manager ELIZABETH A. LYON, RA 
 Phone Number (919) 843-3238 
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 Closing Date 02/18/2014 
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Hamilton Hall, a 5 story building built in 1972 with a brick and precast panel facade, houses the Social Science, Political Science and History Departments. The University noticed some cracking at the facade, and hired Charles Murphy, P.E., to do an investigation and report of the condition. Issued in 2008 and entitled "Condition Assessment of Exterior Facade: Hamilton Hall," the report has identified problems in the brick and precast panels. This request for proposal is for design of a repair plan that addresses the problems identified in the Report. It will also include additional investigation and probes, as recommended in the report, particularly to determine the stresses on the precast panels.
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Elizabeth Lyon, RA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Facilities Planning Department CB#1090 Giles F. Horney Building Suite 202 103 Airport Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1090

In order to offer architectural or engineering services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.