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 Institution UNC - Chapel Hill Academic Affairs 
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 Project Name Open Ended Design Agreements - Structural Engineering 
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 Project Manager Charles Roach, PE 
 Phone Number (919) 962-9051 
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 Closing Date 01/22/2014 
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 Project Description One-Two Sentences
UNC Chapel Hill is soliciting Structural Engineering firms interested in providing limited term Professional Design Services for small renovation and construction projects with estimated costs up to $500k. Please submit four (4) copies of your Statement of Qualification and SF 330 by the close of business on January 22, 2014. Your package should include a cover letter indicating the title, name, telephone and email of the contact person for your firm and the firm's North Carolina HUB classification if applicable. Selection of firms will be based on Designer Selection and Evaluation Procedures established by the State Building Commission and outlined in the State Construction Manual. At this time, we estimate needing four firms in the Structural Engineering discipline.
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Dianne Bachman, Director UNC-CH, Design & Construction Svcs 103 Airport Drive Campus Box 1825 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1825

In order to offer architectural or engineering services in response to this solicitation, the proposer must be licensed in the State of North Carolina.