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 Institution UNC Charlotte 
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 Project Name Sanford Hall Renovations 
 Project Manager Brian Kugler 
 Phone Number (704) 687-0522 
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 Pre-Bid Date 08/08/2013 
 Pre-Bid Time 3:00 pm 
 Pre-proposal Location Cone University Center, Room 112 
 Closing Date 08/20/2013 
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The project scope of work includes the renovation of Sanford Hall which is a 12 story structure comprised of approximately 106,096 square feet. The building will be renovated to provide suite style facilities, semi-private bathrooms, stair and elevator upgrades, mechanical and electrical upgrades and/or replacements, full window replacements, full roof replacement, and brick and/or brick type clad facade on the exterior of the building. The renovation will provide for 400 beds.
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Joyce Clay University of North Carolina at Charlotte Capital Projects Facilities Management 9201 University City Boulevard Charlotte, N.C. 28223-0001 Or hand delivered to: Attn: Joyce Clay Facilities Management/Police Building, 2nd Floor - Capital Projects 9151 Cameron Blvd. (Building #55 on the campus map)