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 Institution UNC - Chapel Hill Academic Affairs 
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 Project Name Odum Village Replacement 
 Project Manager Jerry U. Guerrier, Architect 
 Phone Number (919) 843-0849 
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 Pre-Bid Date 01/22/2013 
 Pre-Bid Time 1:00 pm 
 Pre-proposal Location Odum Village Community Services Building, 211 Branson Street, Chapel Hill 27599 
 Closing Date 02/05/2013 
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 Project Description One-Two Sentences
This project entails the pre-design and advance planning for the design and construction of a replacement residence hall(s) for the existing Odum Village housing units located in southwest district of Main Campus. The construction services will consist of supporting the designer in locating a new 500 bed capacity facility on UNC Chapel Hill's Main Campus. The CMR team's scope will include supporting the designer in determining the site location(s) for the proposed super-suites and/or efficiency style apartment units. Best management practices for stormwater mitigation and ground level parking are also included. Please note that the University's Advertisement and Project Debrief is located in the RFP at the Institution URL link above; under APPENDIX E - PRELIMINARY DESIGN INFORMATION PACKAGE, and is a substitution for any designer information at this moment.
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Jerry U. Guerrier, Architect, Facilities Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, CB 1090, Giles F. Horney Building 103 Airport Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-1090