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 Institution Appalachian State University 
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 Project Name Plemmons Student Union Digital Controls Upgrade 
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Conversion of existing pneumatic HVAC controls to digital controls, by retrofitting controls on some VAV boxes and replacing others. The work will occur in the 1967 and 1995 portions of the Plemmons Student Union while it is occupied. Prequalified firms are: Comfort Systems, Inc., HVAC, Inc., and Nor-Well Company.
 Main Contact for Submission Design Firm 
 Name of Design Firm Stanford White 
 Design Firm Contact Name LeAnn White 
 Design Firm Telephone Number (919) 832-8118 
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 Campus Contact Name David Sweet 
 Campus Contact Telephone (828) 262-6623 
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 Bid Date 06/03/2014 
 Bid Time 1:00 pm (Time Bids Will Be Opened) 
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Planning, Design and Construction Office B.B. Dougherty Administration Building 438 Academy St. ASU P.O. Box 32050 Boone, NC 28608