Designer Solicitations

University Name Project Name Initial Posting Date Closing Date
Appalachian State University New Winkler Residence Hall - Testing, Geotechnical, & Special Inspection Services 11/28/16 12/21/16
Appalachian State University Open End Design Services Agreements 11/28/16 12/13/16
East Carolina University Mapping & Geographic Information System (GIS) 11/23/16 12/16/16
NC Central University New Student Center Commissioning 11/07/16 12/02/16
NC State University Bureau of Mines Renovation 11/14/16 12/15/16
NC State University Carmichael Addition and Renovation Commissioning 10/27/16 12/05/16
NC State University Carmichael Addition and Renovation-Special Inspections, Geotech, Materials Testing 11/18/16 12/16/16
NC State University Case Academic Dining Addition (Advance Planning) 12/01/16 01/05/17
UNC Charlotte Facilities Operations (FO)/Parking Services Complex Commissioning 11/18/16 12/08/16
UNC Charlotte Sustainability Plan Update Support 11/23/16 12/20/16
UNC School of the Arts Performance Place Renovation Commissioning 11/07/16 12/06/16