Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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October 2003 / Overview

5 October 2003

Date: October 3 - 3, 2003
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


B-Gs Minutes - 10-10-03.pdf Approved Minutes of October 3, 2003
Appendix A - President's Report.pdf Appendix A - President Broad's Report
Appendix B - Apprvl of Fee UNCP.pdf Appendix B - Approval of a New Student Fee-UNCP
Appendix C - Policy #300.1.1.pdf Appendix C - Approval of Policy 300.1.1, Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
Appendix D - UNC ORP.pdf Appendix D - Approval of Amendment #4 to th eOptional Retirement Program of the UNC
Appendix E - Policy 600.2.3 .pdf Appendix E - Approval of Policy 600.2.3, Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
Appendix F - Budget Reduction Report.pdf Appendix F - Budget Reduction Report
Appendix G - Joint Millennial Campus.pdf Appendix G - Joint Millennial Campus-NCA&TSU and UNCG
Appendix H - Lease of Land NCA&T.pdf Appendix H - Lease of Land-NCA&TSU
Appendix I - ASSET Rept.pdf Appendix I - 2nd Annual Report on the All Student Succeed through Excellent Teaching Asset Project
Appendix J - TURFGRASS.pdf Appendix J - Report on Turfgrass Environmental Research and Education
Appendix K - ECSU IT Mgmt Flex.pdf Appendix K - Request for Management Flexibility in Information Technology-ECSU
Appendix L - WCU IT Mgmt Flex.pdf Appendix L - Request for Management Flexibility in Information Technology-WCU
Appendix M - 2003_Acad_Prod_Rept.pdf Appendix M - 2003 Review of Academic Degree Program Productivity: A Biennial Report
Appendix N - Summary Personnel Report.pdf Appendix N - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix O - P&T Annual Report.pdf Appendix O - Annual Report of the Committee on Personnel and Tenure