Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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March 2008 / Overview

5 March 2008

Date: March 7, 2008
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


3Revised March BOG minutes with correct appendices labeledpdf.pdf Approved Minutes of March 7, 2008
Appendix A President Report.pdf Appendix A - President Bowles' Report
Appendix B for Minute posting.pdf Appendix B - Optional Redemption of Revenue Bonds-NCSU
Appendix C for Minute posting.pdf Appendix C - Amendment to Disposition of Property and Lease of Housing Space-UNCG
Appendix D for Minute posting.pdf Appendix D - New Capital Improvements Project-NCCU
Appendix E for Minute posting.pdf Appendix E - New Capital Improvements Project-UNCCH
Appendix F for Minue posting.pdf Appendix F - Disposition of Property by Lease-UNCCH
Appendix G for Minute posting.pdf Appendix G - Disposition of Property and Lease of Housing and Parking-UNCW
Appendix H for Minute posting.pdf Appendix H - Report on Prospective Teacher Scholars Focused Growth Pilot 2008
Appendix I for Minute posting2.pdf Appendix I - Report on UNC Sponsored Research 2007
Appendix J for Minute posting2.pdf Appendix J - Undergraduate Teacher Scholarship Load and Information 2007-08
Appendix K for Minute Posting.pdf Appendix K - Approval of Licensure for ECPI
Appendix L for Minute posting.pdf Appendix L - Request to Configure a New College of Arts and Architecture-UNCC
Appendix M.pdf Appendix M - Amendments to Policy 300.5.2
Appendix N.pdf Appendix N - Amendments to Section 603 of The Code
Appendix O Roseman.pdf Appendix O - Statement from Dr. Irvin Roseman
APPENDIX P Colonel Browns remarks.pdf Appendix P - Colonel Brown's Remarks
Appendix Q Bowles.pdf Appendix Q - President Bowles' Remarks on Election of Chancellor at FSU
Appendix R Anderson.pdf Appendix R Chancellor-Elect Anderson's Remarks
APPENDIX S Dr. Flood.pdf Appendix S - Report on the 2008 O. Max Gardner Award Committee
APPENDIX T BOG Teaching award nominees.pdf Appendix T - 2008 BOG Awards for Excellence in Teaching Nominees