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May 2007 / Overview

5 May 2007

Date: May 11, 2007
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


5.11.07 open.pdf Approved Minutes of May 11, 2007
App A-Dr. Mackay.pdf Appendix A - Remarks by Dr. Trude F.C. Mackay, 2007 O. Max Gardner Award Recipient
App B-President's Report.pdf Appendix B - President Bowles Report
App C-Apprvl of Increase in Pchg Benchmark, WSSU.pdf Appendix C - Approval of an Increase in Purchasing Benchmark-WSSU
App D-Apprvl of Bond Projects Modifications.pdf Appendix D - Approval of Bond Projects Modifications-ECSU, NCCU and UNCCH
App E-Apprvl of Developmemt Authority, NCSU.pdf Appendix E - Approval of a Development Authority at Centennial Biomedical Campus-NCSU
App F-Approval of Changes to 600.3.1.pdf Appendix F - Approval of Changes to Policy 600.3.1, Selection Criteria and Operating Instructions
App G-Auth to Disc MS in School Psych, NCSU.pdf Appendix G - Authorization to Discontinue the Master of Science in School Psychology-NCSU
App H-Auth to Disc DP in School Psych, NCSU.pdf Appendix H - Authorization to Discontinue the Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology-NCSU
App I-Auth to Estbl BS in RT, UNCC.pdf Appendix I - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Respiratory Therapy-UNCC
App J-Auth to Estbl BA in Motorsport Mgmt, WSSU.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish the B.A. in Motorsport Management-WSSU
App K-Auth to Estbl MSW, NCCU.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish the Master of Social Work-NCCU
App L-Auth to Estbl MS in Bioinformatics, UNCC.pdf Appendix L - Authorizatin to Establish M.S in Bioinformatics-UNCC
App M-Auth to Estbl MS in Physics, NCCU.pdf Appendix M - Authorization to Establish M.S. in Physics-NCCU
App N-Auth to Plan DP in Bioinfo & Comp Biology, UNCCH.pdf Appendix N - Authorization to Plan Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology-
App O-Auth to Estb D of Ed in Ed Ldrshp & Admin, UNCW.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Establish Doctor of Education in Ed. Leadership-UNCW
App P-Changes to The Code, Chap I, Sec 102.pdf Appendix P - Approval of Changes to 100.1, The Code Section 102, Composition of the University
App Q-Changes to The Code, Chap IV, Sec 400A.pdf Appendix Q - Approval of Changes to 100.1, The Code Section 400A, General Provisions
App R-Changes to The Code, Chap V, Sec 500B.pdf Appendix R - Changes to 100.1, The Code Section 500B, Chancellors and Staffs
App S-Changes to The Code, Chap VI, Sec 602.pdf Appendix S - Changes to 100.1, The Code Seciton 602, Academic Tenure
App T-Changes to The Code, Chap VII, Sec 702C.pdf Appendix T - Changes to The Code, Section 702C, Transfer of Property and Obligations
App U-Changes to The Code, Chap IX, Sec 902.pdf Appendix U - Changes to 100.1, The Code, Section 902, North Carolina School of Science and Math
App V-Changes to The Code, Appendix 1.pdf Appendix V - Changes to 100.1, The Code, Appendix 1, Delegations of Duty and Authority to BOTs
App W-Changes to 300.1.1.pdf Appendix W - Changes to 300.1.1, Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
App X-Changes to 300.2.11.pdf Appendix X - Changes to Policy 300.2.11, Serious Illness and Disability Leave for Faculty
App Y-Changes to 300.4.1.pdf Appendix Y - Approval of Changes to Policy 300.4.1, Improper Relationships
App Z-Changes to 400.1.5.pdf Appendix Z - Changes to Policy 400.1.5, Improving Graduation Rates
Appx AA-Changes to 400.1.6.pdf Appendix AA - Changes to Policy 400.1.6, Academic Calendars
Appx BB-Changes to 400.3.6.pdf Appendix BB - Changes to Policy 400.3.6, University Teaching Awards
Appx CC-Changes to 600.3.2.pdf Appendix CC - Changes to Policy 600.3.2, Designation of Special Responsibility
Appx DD-Changes to 600.3.4.pdf Appendix DD - Changes to Policy 600.3.4, Granting of Managaement Flexibility
Appx EE-Changes to 700.1.1.pdf Appendix EE - Changes to Policy 700.1.1.1, Minimum Course Requirements for Undergraduate Admission
Appx FF-Changes to 700.1.3.pdf Appendix FF - Changest o Policy 700.1.3, Out of State Undergraduate Enrollment
Appx GG-Changes to 700.4.1.pdf Appendix GG - Changes to Policy 700.4.1, Minimum Substantive and Procedural Standards
Appx HH-Changes to 1000.1.1.pdf Appendix HH - Changes to Policy 1000.1.1, Establishing Tuition and Fees
Appx II-Changes to 1200.2.pdf Appendix II - Changes to Policy 1200.2, Establishment of NCSSM
Appx JJ-Ammons Resolution.pdf Appendix JJ - Resolution Honoring James H. Ammons, Jr.
Appx KK-Non-App CI Project, UNCP.pdf Appendix KK - Non-Appropriated Capital Imrovements Project-UNCP
Appx LL-2007-13 CI Priorities.pdf Appendix LL - 1007 Capital Improvement Priorities
Appx MM-Amended Budget Priorities.pdf Appendix MM - Amendment to 2007-09 Budget Priorities
Appx NN-Feasibility Study NCWC.pdf Appendix NN - Feasibility Study NC Wesleyan College Becoming a UNC Constituent Institution
Appx OO-Accountability Plan and Perfomance Measures.pdf Appendix OO - Accountability Plan and Performance Measures for UNC
Appx PP-Request to Estbl Joint School, NCA&T-UNCG.pdf Appendix PP - Request to Establish NCA&T/UNCG Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
Appx QQ-2007 Provisionally Elected Trustees.pdf Appendix QQ - 2007 Provisionally Elected Trustees
Appx SS-Resolution Honoring Retiring Faculty.pdf Appendix SS - Resolution Honoring the 2007 Retiring Faculty