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April 2006 / Overview

5 April 2006

Date: April 11, 2006
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


4-11-06 minutes-open.pdf Approved Minutes of April 11, 2006
Appendix A-Plan for Dentistry in NC.pdf Appendix A - Plan for Dentistry in North Carolina
Appendix B-President Bowles' Report.pdf Appendix B - President Bowles' Report
Appendix C-Revenue Bonds NCSU.pdf Appendix C - Authorization of Optional Redemption of Revenue Bonds-NCSU
Appendix D-Comm Paper Bonds NCSU & UNCCH.pdf Appendix D - Authorization of the Issuance of UNC System Commercial Paper Bonds-NCSU/UNCCH
Appendix E-Disp of prop UNCP.pdf Appendix E - Authorization of the Disposition of Property and lease of Housing Space-UNCP
Appendix F-Disp of prop UNCW.pdf Appendix F - Authorization of the Disposition of Property and Lease of Housing Space-UNCW
Appendix G-Declaration of CI Projects UNCCH.pdf Appendix G - Approval of the Declaration of Emergency Capital Improvements Projects-UNCCH
Appendix H-Auth of New CI Projects UNCG.pdf Appendix H - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Project-UNCG
Appendix I-Auth of Disp of Prop NCSU.pdf Appendix I - Authorization of the Disposition of Property by Lease-NCSU
Appendix J-Auth to Est BS in Tech Photo ASU.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Technical Photography-ASU
Appendix K-Auth to Est BS in Appr Tech ASU.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Appropriate Technology-ASU
Appendix L-Auth to Est BS in Comp Sci Ed NCA&T.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Comprehensive Science Ed-NCA&T
Appendix M-Auth to Est BS in Geom NCA&T.pdf Appendix M - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Geomatics-NCA&T
Appendix N-Auth to Est BS in Mrktg UNCG.pdf Appendix N - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Marketing-UNCG
Appendix O-Auth to Est BS in Turfgrass Sci NCSU.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Establish B.S. in Turgrass Science-NCSU
Appendix P-Auth to Est BS in Nutrition Science NCSU.pdf Appendix P - Authorization to Establish B.S. in Nutrition Science-NCSU
Appendix Q-Auth to Est BA in Women Studies NCSU.pdf Appendix Q - Authorization to Establish B.A. in Women Studies-NCSU
Appendix R-Auth to Est BS and BA in Math for Business UNCC.pdf Appendix R - Authorization to Establish B.S. and B.A in Math-UNCC
Appendix S-Auth to Est BFA in Motion Picture WCU.pdf Appendix S - Authorization to Establish the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Picture and TV-WCU
Appendix T-Auth to Est BS in Forensic Science WCU.pdf Appendix T - Authorization to Establish B.S. in Forensic Science-WCU
Appendix U-Auth to Est MSA ECSU.pdf Appendix U - Authorization to Establish Master of School Administration-ECSU
Appendix V-Auth to Est MCM ECU.pdf Appendix V - Authorization to Establish Master of Construction Management-ECU
Appendix W-Liscensure for ITT Tech.pdf Appendix W - Approval of Licensure for ITT Technical Institute to offer programs in Charlotte
Appendix X-New 2+2 Programs UNC and NCCCS.pdf Appendix X - Approval of the Report on Existing and New 2+2 Programs
Appendix Y-Report on Prospective Teacher Scholarship Program.pdf Appendix Y - Approval of Report on Prospective Teacher Scholarship Program
Appendix Z- 2006-07 Budget Priorities.pdf Appendix Z - 2006-2007 Budget Priorities
Appendix AA-Auth of Non-Appropriated CI Projects.pdf Appendix AA - Authorization of Non-Appropriated Capital Improvements Projects
Appendix BB-2006 BOG Agenda.pdf Appendix BB - The University of North Carolina 2006 Non-Budget Legislative Agenda
Appendix CC-Summary Personnel Report.pdf Appendix CC - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix DD-Tuition Remission Exchange Program Study.pdf Appendix DD - Tuition Remission Exchange Program Study