Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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November 2005 / Overview

5 November 2005

Date: November 11, 2005
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


11-11-05 minutes-open.pdf Approved Minutes of November 11, 2005
Appendix A-Budget Reduction Report.pdf Appendix A - Approval of the 2005-06 Budget Reductions Report
Appendix B-NCCU.Purchasing Benchmark.pdf Appendix B - Approval of the Increase in Purchasing Benchmark-NCCU
Appendix C-FSU 1264 Allocation.pdf Appendix C - Approval of Capital Improvements Project in HB 1264-FSU
Appendix D-ECU remarket item.pdf Appendix D - Authorization to Enter Into a Remarketing Agreement-ECU
Appendix E-UNCW.Exchange.pdf Appendix E - Approval of Exchange of Property-UNCW
Appendix F-Lease.UNCA.pdf Appendix F - Approval of Disposition of Property by Lease-UNCA
Appendix G-UNCP_housing.pdf Appendix G - Approval of Disposition of Property and lease of Housing Space-UNCP
Appendix H-Disposition.UNC.pdf Appendix H - Approval of Disposition of Property by Sale-UNC
Appendix I-B&F Annual Report Exec Summary.pdf Appendix I - Approval of the Annual Report of the Committee on Budget and Finance
Appendix J-Authorization to Discontinue Degree Programs.pdf Appendix J - Approval to Discontinue the Degree Programs
Appendix K-Est BA in Africana Studies, NCSU.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish the B.A. in African Studies-NCSU
Appendix L-Est MA in Women's & Gender, UNCG.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish the Master of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies-UNCG
Appendix M- Executive Summary 2005 Report on Primary Care Physicians and Providers.pdf Appendix M - Approval of the Report on Primary Care Physicians and Providers
Appendix N-Rules for Future Teacher of NC Scholarship.pdf Appendix N - Approval of the Rules for Future Teachers of NC Scholarship Loan Program
Appendix O-Executive Summary 2005 Academic Degree Program Productivity Report.pdf Appendix O - Acceptance of the Biennial Academic Degree Program Productivity Report
Appendix P- Executive Summary Research Report 2005.pdf Appendix P - Acceptance of the Report on Sponsored Research
Appendix Q-EPPP Annual Report.pdf Appendix Q - Acceptace of the Education Planning Committee's Annual Report
Appendix R-Amendments to Policy 600.2.3.pdf Appendix R - Approval of Amendments to Policy 600.2.3, Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
Appendix S- Govn Annual Report.pdf Appendix S - Approval of the Annual Report of the Committee on University Governance
Appendix T-Waiver.Tuition.pdf Appendix T - Tuition and Fee Waivers for Students from Hurricane-Stricken Areas
Appendix U-Tuition and Fee Increases.pdf Appendix U - 2006-2007 Tuition and Fee Increases
Appendix V-LRP Strategic Directions.pdf Appendix V - Long-Range Plan Strategic Directions
Appendix W- Review of Mission Statements.pdf Appendix W - Executive Summary-Mission Statements
Appendix X- 2005 NC General Assembly Session Overview.pdf Appendix X - The UNC 2005 NC General Assembly Session Overview
Appendix Y-Best Financial Practices Recommendations.pdf Appendix Y - Recommendations of the Task Force on Best Financial Practices
Appendix Z-Summary Personnel Report.pdf Appendix Z - Summary Personnel Report
AppendixAA-Basic Science Faculty Compensation PlaN.pdf Appendix AA - Proposed Compensation Plan for Tenure track Basic Science Faculty-UNCCH
AppendixBB-Establish New SAAO Position UNCC.pdf Appendix BB - Establish New SAAO Position, Vice Chancellor for University Relations-UNCC
AppendixCC-President's Report.pdf AppendixCC - President Broad's Report
AppendixDD-Resolution Honoring President Broad.pdf AppendixDD - Resolution Honoring President Broad