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August 2005 / Overview

5 August 2005

Date: August 12, 2005
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


8-12-05 minutes.pdf Approved Minutes of August 12, 2005
Appendix A-President's report.pdf Appendix A - President Broad's Report
Appendix B-New CI Project.CH.pdf Appendix B - Authorization of new Capital Improvements Projects-UNCCH
Appendix C-Bonds.CH.pdf Appendix C - Authorization to Sell Special Obligation Bonds-UNCCH
Appendix D-UNCC.amend_meth_fin.pdf Appendix D - Authorization to Amend Methods of Financing-UNCC
Appendix E-UNCG.amend_meth_fin.pdf Appendix E - Authorization to Amend Method Financing-UNCG
Appendix Appendix F - Approval to Lease Housing Space-NCSA
Appendix G-Auth to discon programs ASU.pdf Appendix G - Authorization to Discontinue Degree Programs-UNCA
Appendix H-Auth to discon programs UNCP.pdf Appendix H - Authorization to Discontinue Degree Programs-UNCP
Appendix I-Auth to discon programs UNCCH.pdf Appendix I - Authorization to Discontinue Degree Programs-UNCCH
Appendix J-Auth to est BA-BS programs NCSU,FSU.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish Baccalaureate Degree Programs
Appendix K-Auth to est Masters programs.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish Master's Degree Programs
Appendix L-Apprvl of PARSEC.pdf Appendix L - Approval of the Pisgah Astronomical Research and Science Education Center
Appendix M-Report by NCSEAA.pdf Appendix M - Approval of the Report on Feasibility of Forgiveness of Student Debt-NCSEAA
Appendix N-Name Change at NCSU.pdf Appendix N - Approval of Request to Reorganize the Department of Political Sci & Public Admin-NCSU
Appendix O-Name Change at WCU.pdf Appendix O- Request Name Change of the Department of Engineering-WCU
Appendix P-Policy 300.6.1 rescinded.pdf Appendix P - Approval to Rescind Policy 300.6.1, External Professional Activities of Faculty
Appendix Q- Policy 300.1.6.2 - Admin Sep of Pres and Chancellors.pdf Appendix Q- Approval to Adopt Policy 300.1.6.2, Administrative Separation President and Chancellors
Appendix R-Public Affairs Standing Comm.pdf Appendix R - Amendments to Chapter III of The Code
Appendix S-Leadershp Stmnt with Campus Info.pdf Appendix S - Presidential Leadership Statement
Appendix T-Ltr of Appt for President.pdf Appendix T- Summary of Letter of Appointment for President
Appendix U.-Academic Salary Increases.pdf Appendix U - Academic Salary Increases
Appendix V-Current Operations.pdf Appendix V - Allocation Recommendations for Current Operations
Appendix W-Capital Improvements.pdf Appendix W - Allocations of Capital Improvements Appropriations
Appendix X-Policy 500-1.pdf Appendix X - Changes to Policy 500.1, University Research Relations with Government Agencies
Appendix Y-Summary Personnel Report - No Salaries.pdf Appendix Y - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix Z-Policy 300.2.2.pdf Appendix Z - Amendments to Policy 300.2.2, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Affecting Faculty
Appendix AA-Standing Committee List 2005-2006.pdf Appendix AA - 2005-2006 Standing Committee Assignments