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May 2005 / Overview

5 May 2005

Date: May 13, 2005
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


5-13-05 minutes -open.pdf Approved Minutes of May 13, 2005
Appendix A-Dr. Adler.pdf Appendix A - Remarks by Dr. Kenneth Bruce Adler, 2005 O. Max Gardner Award Recipient
Appendix B-President's report.pdf Appendix B - President Broad's Remarks
Appendix C-CI project Ctr.Design.Innov.pdf Appendix C - Authorization of Capital Improvements Project, Center for Design Innovation
Appendix D-ECU.New CI Projects.pdf Appendix D - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-ECU
Appendix E-NCA&T.New CI Projects.pdf Appendix E - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-NCA&T
Appendix F-UNCC.New CI Projects.pdf Appendix F - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-UNCC
Appendix Appendix G - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-UNCG
Appendix H-NCSU.swap.pdf Appendix H - Authorization to Enter Into a Swap Agreement-NCSU
Appendix Appendix I - Approval of Disposition of Property by Lease-NCSU
Appendix Appendix J - Approval of Disposition of Property by Lease-UNCW
Appendix K-UNCC.Exchange.pdf Appendix K - Approval of Equal Value Exchange of Property-UNCC
Appendix L-ReqAuth Estab BAWomenStudiesUNCA.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish the B.A. in Women's Studies-UNCA
Appendix M-ReqAuthSportStudiesECU.pdf Appendix M - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Sports Studies-ECU
Appendix N-ReqAuthBAGermanStudiesUNCW.pdf Appendix N - Authorization to Establish the B.A. in German Studies-UNCW
Appendix O-UNCC Plan Geo.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Plan the Doctoral of Philosophy in Geography and Urban Regional-UNCC
Appendix P-UNCG PLAN Comm Dis.pdf Appendix P - Authorization to Plan a Doctoral in Communication Sciences and Disorders-UNCG
Appendix Q-UNCC-ESTAB Health Psy.pdf Appendix Q - Authorization to Establish the Doctoral of Philosophy in Health Psychology-UNCC
Appendix R-UNCC-ESTAB Health Srv Res.pdf Appendix R - Authorization to Establish teh Doctoral of Philosophy in Health Serv Research-UNCC
Appendix X-Mullen.pdf Appendix X - Resolution Honoring James H. Mullen, Jr.
Appendix S-UNCG-ESTAB Comm Health.pdf Appendix S - Authorization to Establish the Doctoral of Public Health in Community Health-UNCG
Appendix T-Apprvl of Licensure Art Inst of Charlotte.pdf Appendix T - Approval of Licensure of the Art Institute of Charlotte to offer B.A. in Charlotte
Appendix U-Center for Design Innovation at WSSU.pdf Appendix U - Approval of the Center for Design Innovation-WSSU and NCSA
Appendix V-UNCC Belk College Name Change.pdf Appendix V - Approval of Name Change of Belk College of Business Admin to Belk College of Business
Appendix W-2005 BOG Legislative Agenda (BOG Approved4).pdf Appendix W - Approval of the 2005 BOG Non-Budget legislative Initiatives
Appendix Y-Woodward.pdf Appendix Y - Resolution Honoring James H. Woodward
Appendix Z-Aldridge.pdf Appendix Z - Resolution Honoring G. Irvin Aldridge
Appendixs AA-Babb.pdf Appendix AA - Resolution Honoring James G. Babb
Appendixs BB-Bell.pdf Appendix BB - Resolution Honoring J. Addison Bell
Appendixs CC-Cameron.pdf Appendix CC - Resolution Honoring C. Clifford Cameron
Appendixs DD-Cates.pdf Appendix DD - Resolution Honoring Anne W. Cates
Appendixs EE-Cecil.pdf Appendix EE - Resolution Honoring John F.A.V. Cecil
Appendixs FF-Collins.pdf Appendix FF - Resolution Honoring Bert Collins
Appendixs GG-Devore.pdf Appendix GG - Resolution Honoring Amanda M. Devore
Appendixs HH-Tuition Resolution.pdf Appendix HH - Resolution Support of Preserving Tuition-Setting Authorities of the UNC BOG
Appendixs II-Delegated authority.pdf Appendix II - Authorization of Delegated Authority
Appendixs JJ-Transfer Assured Admiss Policy-revised.pdf Appendix JJ - Transfer Assured Admissions Policy
Appendixs KK-NC Interim Report.pdf Appendix KK - Interim Report of Preliminary Findings for HB 1264
Appendixs LL-Summary Personnel Report - No Salaries.pdf Appendix LL - Summary Personnel Report
Appendixs MM-Resolution Honoring Retiring Faculty.pdf Appendix MM - Resolution Honoring the 2005 Retiring Faculty