Appendix F: Distance Education Program Being Planned

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SUBMIT DATE:10/18/2012 
Constituent Institution:UNC at Greensboro 
CIP Discipline Specialty Title:Information Systems and Operations Management 
CIP Discipline Specialty Number:11.0901 
Exact Title of the Proposed Program:Information Systems and Supply Chain Management 
Exact Degree Abbreviation:B.S. 
Date of Initiation:08/1/2013 
Will this sequence of courses be completely individual access (e.g., Internet, videocassette)? YES 
If "yes," what will be the mode of delivery?over 50% of program will be delivered online 
If "no," list proposed sites. 
If short-based, length of time to complete the prog (e.g., 1 year, 18 mos.): 

SACS/COC substantive change questions (1=Procedure One; 2=Procedure Two)

Site-based (where the instructor is present):

Is the institution initiating instruction where the student may earn more than 25% and less than 50% of credits toward a degree at a site 30 miles or more from the campus? (2) NO 
Is the institution initiating an (additional) off-campus site at which students may earn at least 50% of an educational program? (1) NO 
Is the institution adding significantly different degree programs at a currently approved site? (2) NO 
Distance learning (where instructor and student are geographically separated):
Is the institution offering its first credit courses via technology-based instruction by which students can obtain at least 25% of credits toward a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution expanding a previously reported program from less than 50% of credits to 50% or more of a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution adding a significantly different program from previously reported programs offered via technology-based instruction? (2) NO 
Does this action constitute a substantive change? If so, by what date should SACS be notified?  
1. Briefly describe the proposed program and intended audience.


The Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (ISSCM) plans to convert a sufficient number of courses in the current supply chain management concentration to an online format so that an online degree completion program may be offered which allows a student to   complete the last two years of the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems & Supply Chain Management with Concentration in Supply Chain Management

 There are three primary audiences for this program: i) Students interested in Online Business Degrees: The Bryan School Online Degree Completion (ODC) program currently has over 300 enrolled students. We expect the BS in Supply Chain Management degree program to prove as successful as the ODC in Business Administration. At the current time, each student in the ODC Business  program graduates with a general business degree. It is anticipated that some of the students in the new online degree completion program in supply chain management will be those who switch from Business Studies but that most of the enrollments will be new students; ii). Transfers from Community College:  In addition, there are hundreds of students in community colleges state-wide who are currently pursuing associate degree programs or courses in logistics and supply chain management. Many, if not most, of these students also work fulltime and an online degree completion at UNCG will be attractive to them. The potential of this source is further amplified because of the articulation agreement that the ISSCM department has in place with 4 Triad based community colleges under the “Virtual Regional Campus” program; iii) another potential source of growth is the traditional Bryan School student who is interested in supply chain management but is unable to complete the degree because of our limited offerings. It is expected that the online format will provide the main campus students with more flexibility and more students will enroll in these courses as a result. 


2. Describe the proposed instructional delivery systems (e.g., on-site instruction by faculty, interactive video, Internet, etc.).

The mode of delivery for about 50% of the courses in the program will be through the Internet. The Departmental Faculty have been very effective in delivering an online graduate certificate program in Supply Chain Management and several other online graduate certificate programs.  These faculty abilities and skills will easily transfer to the undergraduate online degree completion program. The delivery of the program will rely on available technology at the Bryan School and UNCG and will using methodologies consistent with other UNCG online programs.

3. Describe need for the program (referencing results of surveys or special studies).


The Department of Information Systems & Supply Chain Management’s undergraduate program in supply chain management was identified by the UNCG Academic Program Review (APR) as one of the programs that are important to the mission and vision of the University and should be retained. In particular, the APR suggested (and was subsequently approved by the Provost and the Chancellor) that the Department work with Community Colleges to determine how the program can be developed as part of the Online Degree Completion (ODC) program offered by the Bryan School. Work on this was already done with the Department being a signatory to an articulation agreement with Triad area community colleges under the “Virtual Regional Logistics Campus” program.  

The Piedmont Triad region is increasingly being recognized as a very favorable place for the location of supply chain, logistics and transportation management (SCLTM) firms.  This is most readily evidenced by the fact that both economic development agencies, Greensboro Economic Development Alliance (GEDA) and Piedmont Triad Partnership (PTP) list logistics and supply chain management as a target cluster for development.   Largely as a result, this sector has grown steadily even through the recession and unemployment is over 9.2% in the Triad[1] 

The logistics and distribution sector is projected to be one of the top 25 fastest growing industries in NC and logistics jobs in NC is estimated to grow by about 23% in the period 2007-2017[2]. The importance of this sector in the Triad is further highlighted by the number of companies that have located their logistics facilities here in recent times. An example is the recent selection by Li & Fung, one of Asia’s biggest global supply chain and logistics companies, of Greensboro as the place for its support operations[3] . Another is the recent announcement by Ralph Lauren of the expansion of its warehousing and logistics activities in High Point[4].     

In a 2008 report published by GEDA , some of the interviewed executives from Triad based SCLTM firms worried about the “skills deficit” in higher-level logistics workers and analysts and noted that although some of these skilled workers could be obtained from outside, it is preferable if the community can grow its own. There is a growing demand for logistics and supply chain personnel in the Triad from new and existing companies. 

In a February 2008 Greensboro News & Record article, it was noted that “developing a transport related super-hub focused on logistics and distribution networks is seen as a way to encourage long-term economic growth in the Triad”. And, in the previously cited article on Li & Fung, it was noted that the company is planning to double its workforce in Greensboro in three years.   In addition, the impending construction of additional interstate highways and the start of operations by firms such as FedEx and Honda Jet are likely to increase the number of supply chain and logistics firms who move to the Triad because of the synergies that can be gained, and proximity to other suppliers and customers. 



 In the above referenced 2008 study sponsored by GEDA, it was noted that executives in the Triad expect the arrival of many air-cargo-oriented businesses that need to ship low-volume but high value products with the opening of the FedEx hub[5]. For example, Lenovo, the computer manufacturer, which opened the company’s first and only distribution Center in the US in the Piedmont Triad in 2008, announced recently that it will increase the size of its distribution-assembly operations in the Triad and add more workers[6]. Other businesses mentioned by executives include medical diagnostics and repair facilities. All these firms will need skilled workers in supply chain and logistics management and the proposed program will help fill that need by providing time and location constrained employees of these organizations an opportunity to get an undergraduate degree in their professional area of specialization. Last, we have had recent success with supply chain internships with companies such as Syngenta, Ralph Lauren, and Deere-Hitachi, and there are good job opportunities available with these firms in addition to others such as Target, NewBreed Logistics, FedEx, and other regional logistics and transportation firms. The awareness of these opportunities by main campus students should boost enrollment in the online SCM program.

There is not a similar program in the UNC system. East Carolina University offers an online degree completion program in Industrial Technology with concentrations in Industrial Distribution and Logistics, and Manufacturing Systems but this program is outside of the College of Business.


4. Projected total annual enrollment:
Year 1:35 
Year 2:50 
Year 3:60 
Year 4:70 
Year 5:70 
his intent to plan a new distance education degree program (or program site) has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Contact Name:Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah 
Contact Title:Department Head