Appendix F: Distance Education Program Being Planned

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SUBMIT DATE:03/26/2012 
Constituent Institution:Winston-Salem State University 
CIP Discipline Specialty Title:Elementary Education 
CIP Discipline Specialty Number:13.1202 
Exact Title of the Proposed Program:M. Ed. in Elementary Education 
Exact Degree Abbreviation:M. Ed. in ELE 
Date of Initiation:08/1/2012 
Will this sequence of courses be completely individual access (e.g., Internet, videocassette)? YES 
If "yes," what will be the mode of delivery?online 
If "no," list proposed sites. 
If short-based, length of time to complete the prog (e.g., 1 year, 18 mos.): 

SACS/COC substantive change questions (1=Procedure One; 2=Procedure Two)

Site-based (where the instructor is present):

Is the institution initiating instruction where the student may earn more than 25% and less than 50% of credits toward a degree at a site 30 miles or more from the campus? (2) NO 
Is the institution initiating an (additional) off-campus site at which students may earn at least 50% of an educational program? (1) NO 
Is the institution adding significantly different degree programs at a currently approved site? (2) NO 
Distance learning (where instructor and student are geographically separated):
Is the institution offering its first credit courses via technology-based instruction by which students can obtain at least 25% of credits toward a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution expanding a previously reported program from less than 50% of credits to 50% or more of a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution adding a significantly different program from previously reported programs offered via technology-based instruction? (2) NO 
Does this action constitute a substantive change? If so, by what date should SACS be notified? 05/20/2012 
1. Briefly describe the proposed program and intended audience.


The proposed change is to transform two approved site-based DL programs (Alleghany and Surry Counties) for the Masters of Education in Elementary Education to one on-line DL program, which initially will be able serve the 53 elementary schools in Alleghany, Davidson, Davie, Stokes, and Surry Counties.

The Master of Education in Elementary Education (DL) program is designed to afford teachers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia the same opportunities to refine their knowledge, skills, and dispositions as teachers with closer access to graduate programs. The goal of the proposed Master of Education (DL) program is to enable graduates to address the changing needs of elementary students by modeling best practices based on current research and theories. Through disciplined inquiry and reflective thinking, the master’s program in elementary education (DL) is designed to deepen the knowledge base, enhance teaching skills, and enrich dispositions of graduates. 

The proposed M.Ed. in ELE (DL) will be a 36 credit hour program with 21 credit hours in the teaching field. Candidates can complete the program in 2 years and one summer. The program is designed as a full-time (9 credit hours a semester) basis for working teachers, work in the classrooms will provide the clinical experience for the academic work. 

2. Describe the proposed instructional delivery systems (e.g., on-site instruction by faculty, interactive video, Internet, etc.).


The program is designed to serve initially 20 students who will receive instruction through a combination of web-assisted, multi-media (Blackboard) (80%), and Elluminate instruction (20%). The Blackboard instructional management system will have a secure login and password. Individual conferences will be conducted through video technology, i.e., Elluminate, and the face-to-face sessions (3 sessions during the program of study) will help confirm the authenticity of the distance education student. We hope to begin implementation in August 2012.

3. Describe need for the program (referencing results of surveys or special studies).


The online program will allow the institution to accommodate the students who were served at the distance learning off-campus sites as well as other students throughout the region using the online delivery mode.   Current students at two off-campus sites who were surveyed about their interest in having an online option available to them were in favor of the option. 

There are 53 elementary schools in the current counties in our service area, i.e., Alleghany, Davidson, Davie, Stokes, and Surry Counties. Only 18% of the schools achieved 80% at grade level in the 2011 NC Report card. Only 1.9% had 50% of their faculty members with advanced degrees. The UNC Directory of on-line programs indicates that there is only one on-line M. Ed. in ELE program and that program is located at UNC Wilmington.

4. Projected total annual enrollment:
Year 1:15 
Year 2:35 
Year 3:40 
Year 4:40 
Year 5:40 
his intent to plan a new distance education degree program (or program site) has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Contact Name:Cassaundra El-Amin 
Contact Title:Professor of Education and Program Coordinator