Appendix F: Distance Education Program Being Planned

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SUBMIT DATE:11/2/2012 
Constituent Institution:NC A&T University 
CIP Discipline Specialty Title:Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data Entry 
CIP Discipline Specialty Number:13.1303 
Exact Title of the Proposed Program:Business Education (Information Technology) 
Exact Degree Abbreviation:BS 
Date of Initiation:11/2/2012 
Will this sequence of courses be completely individual access (e.g., Internet, videocassette)? YES 
If "yes," what will be the mode of delivery?Internet 
If "no," list proposed sites.

Not applicable.

If short-based, length of time to complete the prog (e.g., 1 year, 18 mos.):N/A 

SACS/COC substantive change questions (1=Procedure One; 2=Procedure Two)

Site-based (where the instructor is present):

Is the institution initiating instruction where the student may earn more than 25% and less than 50% of credits toward a degree at a site 30 miles or more from the campus? (2) NO 
Is the institution initiating an (additional) off-campus site at which students may earn at least 50% of an educational program? (1) NO 
Is the institution adding significantly different degree programs at a currently approved site? (2) NO 
Distance learning (where instructor and student are geographically separated):
Is the institution offering its first credit courses via technology-based instruction by which students can obtain at least 25% of credits toward a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution expanding a previously reported program from less than 50% of credits to 50% or more of a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution adding a significantly different program from previously reported programs offered via technology-based instruction? (2) NO 
Does this action constitute a substantive change? If so, by what date should SACS be notified?  
1. Briefly describe the proposed program and intended audience.

The Department of Business Education offers the BS in Business Education, with two concentrations--(i) Business Teacher Education  and (ii) Information Technology.  The Business Teacher Education program was approved for online delivery and is currently available both as an on-campus program and as an online program.  This proposal is is to expand the Department's online offerings to also include the BS in Business Education (Information Technology) program. 


The Bachelor of Science in Business Education—Information Technology—program, prepares individuals to become information technology professionals in business and other types of organizations.   Individuals will develop the technical and interpersonal skills related to the discipline. The curriculum for this program will be the same as for the on-campus BS in Business Education—Information Technology program. The only difference will be the online delivery system.

The primary target audience for the program is adult students, mostly employed, who are interested in earning a degree that will make them more marketable or more valuable to their current organizations. This program will also support members of the military who would like to continue their education while deployed overseas.

The projected life of the program is "ongoing" and the primary instructional delivery method will be online instruction, using the Internet.


2. Describe the proposed instructional delivery systems (e.g., on-site instruction by faculty, interactive video, Internet, etc.).

The program is being established for individual access via the Internet. The offering will be Technology-Based Instruction (TBI) utilizing computer-based Internet instructional software, available via the Internet. This online program will be delivered using Blackboard or any other course management that is being used by the University. 

3. Describe need for the program (referencing results of surveys or special studies).


The basic rationale for the online program is to serve a wider section of the community by making the Business Education—Information Technology program more accessible to them. It will meet the needs of community college graduates who have jobs and families that make it difficult to move or travel to college campuses to complete their degrees. Though no formal surveys have been conducted, the Department has recognized the need for online degree programs through the number of inquiries that it regularly receives. At this time, the Department offers online degrees for those desiring to become business educators. However, because of the need for teacher education candidates to complete over one hundred hours of field experiences in public school classrooms, followed by a sixteen-week student teaching activity, not all non-traditional students are able to take advantage of that business education program. The Business Education—Information Technology program will not require time away from the workforce, therefore better addressing the learning needs of many non-traditional students.

The faculty members in the Department of Business Education are technology savvy and are all excited about the possibility of offering this online program. They routinely use Blackboard to deliver online instruction or support their face-to-face instruction. Most faculty members have either developed and/or taught online courses in the Business Teacher Education program that is currently offered online. 


4. Projected total annual enrollment:
Year 1:15 
Year 2:25 
Year 3:30 
Year 4:40 
Year 5:40 
his intent to plan a new distance education degree program (or program site) has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Contact Name:Beryl C. McEwen, PhD 
Contact Title:Interim Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness